Good Letters: Words. Made Flesh.

Welcome to Good Letters on Patheos. For over four years, we at Image, a literary/arts journal inhabiting the intersection between art, faith, and mystery, have published the daily Good Letters blog on our website, We want to give a big shout out to our readers who’ve followed Good Letters from Image—your support and enthusiasm have brought us to the vibrant public square that is Patheos.

To those of you who are reading Good Letters for the first time, we think you’re in for a banquet. The fourteen gifted writers who contribute to Good Letters span the gap between the world of faith and what poet Albert Goldbarth calls the “greasy doorknobs and salty tearducts” of daily life. You’ll find writing that gives flesh to mystery, writing that reflects your own daily experience, writing that reminds you why art is an essential part of being human.

Welcome to the table—join the conversation.

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