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GrowMama Picks for September 2012

Growmama Picks is a collection of fun, interesting, and inspiring links that we share with you at the end of every month. Enjoy!1. Do you have an older child on Facebook? These tips can guide a conversation about friends and "frenemies", cyber bullying, healthy relationships and fake ones.2. What story do people see in you? When is it time to rewrite the stories we present to others and project on ourselves?3. Braiding our child's hair, washing their face, or putting on … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Protest

I have been watching in dismay at the response of some Muslims worldwide to the ridiculous movie posted online mocking our beloved Prophet (S).  This sadness is a feeling that I have noticed is widely shared in the American Muslim community. I protest and condemn, in the strongest terms, the violence, death, aggression and injustice that have all resulted. This is probably the exact reaction that the movie maker could only dream to have garnered. So, who has now painted a worse picture of the … [Read more...]

A Prayer with Wings

Prayer has the ability to lighten your heart, to take away your grief and sorrow and to strengthen your imân. Our journey in this world is often to be compared with a walk through rural mountains. Beautiful and breathtaking as they can be, they require also a steady walk, good preparation and lots of positive energy if one sets his mind on exploring them.The gifts we receive during our lives contain many blessings and benefits for one who is willing to seek and find them. Wisdom and keys … [Read more...]

Slowing Down is Not a Bad Thing….

I spent a great deal of time with my children this summer. By time I mean one on one time getting to know them. Not the time I spend turbo driving from one summer event  to another.  Due to family health issues, we were  not able to move about in our usual turbo speeds. Usually our summers are full of basketball, swimming, soccer, Islamic school, art & science camps,  and endless outdoor play.This summer we slowed down. A lot. For us, we spent a significant amount of time at home. Tim … [Read more...]

Then and Now

When we first arrived at our guest house in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the housekeeper greeted us at the gate and showed us to our room. I remember I laid my sleeping seven-week-old baby down on the bed and nodded and pretended to listen as the housekeeper chattered away, and as soon as she closed the door, when I was finally alone, I sat in a chair in the corner and cried, looking out the window at my new life. Although I had my husband and my son with me, in that moment I felt not just completely … [Read more...]