Random Act of Kindness

The weather was cool. The day was perfect for walking, and we had already walked three miles. My twin girls were getting a bit impatient, but that was understandable. We had walked to the library that morning, and then headed for a park I had seen on the map. But as much as we walked, we never came to it, and we had already asked two people about it and they had never heard of it.So, knowing my two-years-old’s hearts were set on going to a park, I decided to walk to the far away park; a … [Read more...]

Force of Nature

I am in love with this quote, which I found in a dear friend's signature:"This is the true joy in life - being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy."-George Bernard ShawIn the incessant balancing act of motherhood, between validating the … [Read more...]

Lending Libraries

 When I was twelve years old, we moved from a village in the country into a house in town. We lived right on the main street, which was called, surprise, surprise, Main Street! I was very happy to finally have a room of my own, and I was going to be allowed to walk to school. What bliss for a young girl! But the best thing of all was that the public library was just a few blocks from our house, and I could walk there whenever I wanted. I loved that library. It was the place I went when I was sad … [Read more...]

Parenting is an Extension of Self Development

Sumi is almost four months old now. She is cute and cuddly with smiling half moon eyes. I try to take in the moment, knowing that these days are precious and she is already growing up so fast. My father told me that the one thing he regretted was the fact that he didn’t get to enjoy us while we were children. He was too worried about work, buying a house, providing us with an education. Alhamdulillah, we came out alright thanks to his emphasis on hard work. He would always tell us that … [Read more...]

Kids and the Best Hood…Fatherhood!

Yesterday, I took my kids to Giza to ride horses. My daughter learned in the States and loves to ride. My son, on the other hand, loves cars and machines. I promised him that I would try to find some type of motorized means of transportation so we could, well he :), could kick it. Sadly, I was not able to find any and decided to let him ride on a camel with another brother. Suddenly, he turned to me and said, "Baba, let me ride a horse." I agreed and he rode, with a young Egyptian holding the … [Read more...]

Hard Work

I still read parenting and schooling books whenever I can. But I've begun to read them more like a frustrated grad student than an interested mother. I read the first three chapters, and then the conclusion to make sure there wasn’t a good part I missed. While I come across an occasional gem, many parenting books are a mirage and I walk away with a few pennies instead of a jackpot. Instead of discovering something new or different, it is just more of the same, except more diluted, … [Read more...]


Today I paid my seven year old son one dollar to teach his almost 5 year old sister how to read. Do I feel guilty? Hmm…I don’t usually believe in monetary rewards at this age, but somehow this action fit the situation. My son was looking for ways to earn money to buy a new lego set and my daughter prefers to do everything, I mean everything with her older brother.So when  he asked her “Do you want to read with me?” Her eyes saucered and her face lit like the … [Read more...]

Magic Peaches

 Today, for the first time, I felt like pretending I didn't know my kids.I truly felt like just standing there, looking at the exhibits in the Air and Space Museum in D.C., and pretending I didn't know those two little two-year-old girls, running around the hallways and up and down the stairs, yelling like little wild American Indians. I wanted to walk away and let my husband deal with them.I was tired. I was at my tether's end.But then, so was my husband. For the … [Read more...]

Ramadan Memories

There is one memory that jumps to my mind when I think of Ramadan, and most importantly when I think of the spirit of Ramadan. I grew up in the States, so the one Ramadan that I spent in Egypt as an adult was a new experience. I was never sure if it beat my Ramadans back home in America, but this one memory of Ramadan in Egypt fills me with happiness and the spirit of racing to do good that Ramadan inspires in all of us... (wa fee thalika fal yatanafas il mutanafisun- And in that, let them … [Read more...]

The Day I Wrote a Check

(This post was written a couple of years ago and is dedicated to all mothers who've ever tried to write a check...)So, it's really busy business being a mommy. Whenever someone asks me what I do, I answer, "I'm 'just' a mother.' And then I explain that being a mommy is busy business, but I rack my brains to remember why it's a busy business... Can't I do more with my time? (Answer is yes, but when I can't....)So, this is why I can't do much more with my time....Today I came to write a … [Read more...]