Roadblocks to Mercy

If He opens a door for you, thereby making Himself known,pay no need if your deeds do not measure up to this.For, in truth, He has not opened it for you but out ofa desire to make Himself known to you.(from the Hikam)Since becoming a mother I’ve started to appreciate the incredible blessing of free time.  (Or, as they say, “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone”:P)  Busy with daily responsibilities, it’s almost impossible to maintain the same level of focus and time dedicated … [Read more...]

Swing Rapture

Storytime? Ice cream? The Children’s Museum? Jump n’Jungle? A walk to the park? A movie? A new toy?How can we make this day right?What if I just push you on the backyard tree swing as high as it can go?-Maha EzzeddineCan you capture a motherhood moment with your camera? Share your photo and a brief caption with growmama readers by sending it to … [Read more...]

More About Umm Hamza

Read the first part of Umm Hamza's story here.  Umm Hamza told me something really amazing today. But before I tell you more about her, let me tell you about our landlord. (Bear with me, because I need to write a rather long story.) They’ve been wanting a cleaning lady for months now, and they noticed Umm Hamza coming and going every Thursday. The watchman, who knows pretty much everything that goes on in this building, told the landlord that Umm Hamza was my cleaning … [Read more...]

The Month of Seizures

A couple weeks ago, my daughter and I were perusing old photos and videos of her life on the computer.  She loves to see the changes in herself and her brother.  As we browsed, one folder was left unopened.  August 2006… the month of her seizures.  That month, my sweet daughter was ten months old and our only child.  Within a period of twenty-four hours, she had two seizures. The first one came while she was nursing just before maghrib.  Her eyes … [Read more...]

Ramadan Inspiration

Dear Growmama readers,Ramadan is just around the corner! Are you ready for the hours of reading Quran, the nights of prayer, the streams of reward, the cooking and cleaning (maybe!) and the playful teaching of spirituality to our children?We invite all Growmama readers to tell us how they are preparing for Ramadan, whether as individuals, families, mothers, community leaders, or teachers. Posts should be 200-500 words and can include pictures, audio and video, practical ideas, words of … [Read more...]

Beyond the Hijab Part II

It's been almost two months since I had the interviews and last month I met with the grade level team teachers at the schools that the principals had invited me to. My fears and nerves almost overcame me again as I looked at the school profiles online. There was very little, if any, diversity in teachers at the schools, and I couldn't detect a Muslim face or name. Would these teachers like me? Would I get any "looks" or raised eyebrows when I enter the room? Astaghfirullah. I quickly put my … [Read more...]

A Simple Gift

My mother watches my son while I’m at work. Last week, when I picked him up, she handed me a small gift bag. “What’s this?” I asked. There was no special occasion, and so if it was something she had bought for me while shopping, it didn’t need to be in a gift bag with tissue paper. “Just a simple gift,” she replied. I kissed her goodbye, thanked her, and was on my way.In the rush and commotion of putting my son in his carseat, I had placed the gift bag close to the door, on the floor, along w … [Read more...]

What Would Mariam Do?

Of all the women mentioned in the Quran, only Mariam (as) was mentioned by name, repeatedly, and even a surah was named after her. She, who Allah chose above all the women in the world (Al-Imran:42) and in Paradise (Saheeh Hadith from Hakim’s Al-Mustadrak), she, whose fame rose above all other women in history, honored for her virtue, she who faced her tests with courage and conviction, is Islam’s ideal of womanhood.Indeed it is necessary for both women and men to reflect upon lessons from her … [Read more...]

The Not-So-Wrong Path

My commute is not very pleasant. I'm always stuck in traffic, no matter what route I take or how early or late I leave. I usually stick to the straight, one-way path. From point A to point B. It usually takes me an hour, sometimes less. But then there's the point A to C, D, E, F to get to point B, and although it's a longer, sort of odd, path to take, I can avoid traffic and sometimes get to point B in half the time.Today when I was driving back home, I decided I was going to stick to the … [Read more...]

Beyond the Hijab

The school district I teach in does a “transfair” towards the end of each school year, giving current employees the opportunity to interview for other schools they are interested in transferring to. This year, due to moving and ending up with a long commute, I decided to attend the transfair in hopes that I would get a teaching job at a school closer to home.Although in the same county and school district, the school I currently teach at and the schools I am interviewing for are very dif … [Read more...]