GrowMama Picks for September 2012

Growmama Picks is a collection of fun, interesting, and inspiring links that we share with you at the end of every month. Enjoy!

1. Do you have an older child on Facebook? These tips can guide a conversation about friends and “frenemies”, cyber bullying, healthy relationships and fake ones.

2. What story do people see in you? When is it time to rewrite the stories we present to others and project on ourselves?

3. Braiding our child’s hair, washing their face, or putting on their shoes are all opportunities for tender, intentional touch.

4. These home school companion guides are a perfect base for a preschooler or kindergartner at home.

5. Moms-to-be, stressed about all the emphasis placed on your effect on your growing baby? This recent study suggest life experiences of both parents plays a big role in a baby’s genetic makeup. Fathers take note!

6. Here are great tips for fostering creativity in children.

7. Schools do not develop non-cognitive skills today, and that is something parents have to fill in for: stepping back to allow our children to learn perseverance, grit, and strong character

8. This was just a terrific and timely resource to help us all refresh our knowledge of the Prophet Muhammad’s life. The graphics and accessibility make it great for the kids too!

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