GrowMama Picks: Remembering 9/11

  1. Many of us can relate to this Growmama writer’s experience in explaining to her son about world events.
  2. Talk to your children about 9/11 in an age appropriate way.  Here are 8  tips  on talking to your kids about 9/11 this week.
  3.  Participate in a community building unity walk with your family. Plus it’s fun and healthy!
  4. Teach your children the value of community service by adopting a cause or charity for the day, or post a good deed that your family or child plans to perform. You can contact local community organizations, schools, and faith-based groups to see if they have any service plans for 9/11. Then you and your family can volunteer to help. More great tips from Scholastic’s 9/11 day handout.
  5.  We connected with this proactive Muslim mommy’s poignant reflection on her struggles toward raising her son post-9/11.
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