Growmama Roundup: Ramadan Traditions

We asked our GrowMama writers this question:  What are your family Ramadan traditions?

S writes:

” On the eve of Ramadan we bake crescent cookies with the children. That’s their first Ramadan smell. As a family we put up some Ramadan decorations. I’ve collected some of their Ramadan crafts over the years and I hang them up around the house along with some white flowered garlands that I bought from Michael’s. The kids love to see their old crafts. About an hour before sunset, we sit as a family, eat the cookies with milk and discuss our individual and family  Ramadan goals. We write them on a big poster board and then as a family we decorate it with stickers and drawings. It becomes the family Ramadan poster. The calm of sunset sets in, we get ready for salah and make a special dua asking Allah (swt) to bless our Ramadan and give us the strength to worship Him in the best manner. ”

C writes:

“We keep it simple. By eating a semi-raw (cooked vegetables or meats once a week) diet, we make food a very low priority and everyone can participate. Usually we make it to one huge iftar and do the rest at home for increased family time and worship.”

M writes:

“We try to make the moments between asr and maghrib a time of peace and worship. The hunger pangs are strongest then for me, so I need to increase my spirituality to make it through the day and usually I’m too pooped to cook or clean anyway. I read Quran with the kids, tell stories from the Prophet’s life, pile on the couch to make dua and talk about Allah (swt) or Paradise, play Quran CDs and listen to inspirational messages, or very often we head over to the masjid and spend the last part of the day whispering and reading in the empty masjid with the late-afternoon sun pouring through the windows. This afternoon worship time gives our Ramadan days a gentle rhythm that is different from the rest of the year. ”

Tell us about your Ramadan traditions in the comments!

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