Laundry Blues?

Do you find yourself buried beneath mounds of laundry as you try to

separate darks from whites? Well, this became a weekly event for me, as

the laundry piled up until the weekends. I was forced to wash

everything together, struggling to reach the end of my task. Needless to say,

the whites were no longer white. There was also a real challenge to

keep up with the folding and ironing; inevitably, my baskets grew and

they grew and they grew. The children were frustrated because they

could not find their clothes under the one big pile of clean laundry.

Then, Alhamdulillah, a thought dawned on me. Why not give each

child their own basket for their rooms and train them on the ABC’s of

laundry? If the children do not have enough clothing for a load, then

delay their laundry for a few days or add in their linens. If there

are very few whites, perhaps you can combine the family’s whites into

one load. It may take some time getting used to, but don’t worry, when

your child runs out of underwear, they will let you know in a hurry

that it is their laundry day. As a working mom, staggering the laundry

fit well with my schedule. Insha Allah your laundry room will no

longer overwhelm you either!

So, my laundry tip is to invest in a few funky laundry baskets, one

for each child, and help them help you with their laundry. This builds

responsibility and allows a parent to give their child individual

attention, along with some pleasant conversation over a warm load of


By Shameeda Mohammed- Rasool

Shameeda Mohammed-Rasool is a Canadian mother of four children. She graduated with a degree in Toxicology and works full-time.  She enjoys spending time discovering teenage life with her children and tackling the tarbiyah issues that come with parenthood.

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  • Maha

    I love the image of “conversation over a warm load of laundry.” What a great suggestion to teach responsibility, good habits, and also to make mom’s job a little bit easier!

  • Sumayah

    Yes!!! Start the habits when they are young and then when they are teen-agers and doing their own laundry you will be soooooo happy!!!!!

    AWWW !!!Your husband is missing out on all that good conversation. I think you should give him a basket ,too!!

  • Aishah

    LOL @ Sumayah. That’s a great tip. I’ll remember that, inshaAllah.

  • Jessi

    Of course, i might have less kids than you, but still plenty of laundry. What I do is I have two baskets that I use for the whole family’s laundry. One for warm wash, one for cold (well, and the dirty diapers, which are of course separate).

    Once one of the baskets gets full, I just throw it in the wash. That way I never have to sort, and it never becomes mountains. It’s very easy.

  • Fatima

    I love the warm load of laundry!

    My mother in law did this with all her kids, she had each of her six kids do their own laundry from a young age. for me this was really weird, b/c i came from a household where my mother still does the laundry for all my siblings (including my 20 something year old sisters)-but it’s a matter of space for them.

  • Naureen

    I really like this format of short blog posts by various sisters. You really feel the support and understanding, cuz we’re all going through the same stuff. and its comforting to get support and tips.

    ive got two young children and the laundry sometimes piles up faster than i expect it to.

    so after i got overwhelmed last time, i just try to do a little every day or every other day and fold it away quickly. it takes a lot less time and what matters most is that when you do things right away and spend only a few minutes doing it, you don’t FEEL like its a lot of work.

  • Maryam

    It’s really great how you can turn a boring chore into some real quality time with the kids and make it meaningful for both them and you. And I can just smell that warm, clean, fresh basket of laundry. I wanna jump in it! :)

  • Zainab

    Wonderful post…MashaAllah.

    My kids love doing the laundry. They each have their own basket and they’re in charge of folding and putting away their own clothes. Not perfect but it gets done and they have fun doing it.

  • Hamdi

    JAK, Sister Shameeda for sharing this post with us.

    Also, JAK, Sumayah for reminding me to give my husband a basket.

  • Fatima

    Have you guys heard of ‘manual’ and ‘semi-automatic’ washing machines?! Thank Allah for ‘automatic’ washing machines!!!

  • kelly

    yes, laundry!! the dreaded laundry!! i will try to incorporate this. for now, i only have the 2 hampers for all the girls. however, i have 4 other hampers that i throw stuff into.

    oh, and then there’s the buckets i have because baby leaks all the time so i have to hand clean and soak her clothes first!! almost with every diaper. oh, i wish i were exagerating. Alhamdulillah. i could have a whole conversation about laundry.

    btw, big ups to the sisters that iron!! ma’sha Allah. my ironing looks fantastic from only one side. so, if you plan to stand against a wall the whole time, i am your girl. i still can’t figure out how to not get the other side wrinkly. i have a steamer. and yes, that usually collects dust. ironing is a full time job and a skill to boot. i do love freshly ironed sheets.

    oh and for those of you who haven’t met me, just look for the sister with the clothes that look like a cow just spit them out.

  • Sumayah

    AA Kelly,

    Stop it!! Yer makin’ me laugh too much!! You said, ” I do love freshly ironed sheets.” You just love them, right? right?-not that you actually iron them!!!

  • Maha

    Ironing? What’s that?

  • Hagar

    Thank you sister! This came at a perfect time for me, as I’m trying to think of ways to start giving my 5 year old some responsibilities around the house.