Swimming Reflections

Goggles on, goggles off.  Close the life jacket, now open it – we don’t need it.  Uh oh, potty!  Baby’s cold, take her out of the water and wrap her up.  “Mama!  Look at me!”

Ahhh, a nice relaxing trip to the pool.

Did you ever notice how many bags we moms carry at one time?  Aside from jackets, strollers and snacks, that is.  How many arms and eyes do we actually have at our disposal?  How do we really manage so many things all at once?

What will we do when the craziness of caring for our little ones ends?  Is there silence?  What will we do in the silence?  Lengthen our phone calls from grown children living far away?  Count the days until our next visit?  I see neighbors aging who never married.  Some who have no children.  Others whose parents have passed and who have no siblings to speak of.  How do they carry on in their days in all the silence?  Does anyone check on them?  Will it be this way for me as time goes on?

Back to the locker rooms, swim time is over. Grab the towels, shampoo their hair, get them warm and ready to brave the cold and the trip home.

Alhamdulilah for little noses that need wiping and diapers that need changing.  Soon the bags will get lighter and the calls for attention will get fewer.  What will come in place of those looks from needy little eyes?  Time will tell.

As Allah’s plan for each of us reveals itself, may we all remember the purity of our small children and how they once filled our days with so much sweetness.

Susan Assaf

Susan lives in Maryland and is a homeschooling mom of 4 growing munchkins.

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  • mahaezz

    This post made me cry. Despite the sheer difficulty of our task, oh how beautiful when we pause to take a look around!

  • fatima

    Wow, Susan. Sweet, sweet images and sweet reminder of Allah’s blessings, alhamdulillah.

  • ummossama

    “What will come in place of those looks from needy little eyes?”

    I know!!!I know!!!!I know the answer!!!!!Something even more sweet!!!!!!Insha’allah……….Grandchildren!!!!!

    Al-Humdulillah!!! Very nice-Susan. JAK


  • http://raysinthedarkness.blogspot.com Asiya

    Mashaa Allaah this was right on time for me. A little while ago, I walked into the kitchen to prepare lunch for my children. I took one look at the sink filled with breakfast AND last night’s dinner dishes, the counter filled with plastic drinking cups…then remembered that the crumbs on the dining table still needed to be wiped up from breakfast…and the floor needed a quick sweeping. I started to feel overwhelmed…frustrated…exasperated…”I *HATE* summer” almost rolled off my tongue, and quite passionately, I must say. Astaghfirullaah. I let some thoughts roll around in my head…then came to the conclusion that a messy house and dirty dishes are just a small price to pay for these little wonders we BEGGED Allaah for! Subhaan Allaah, how merciful and kind is Allaah. May Allaah always make us thankful for His favors upon us, and protect us from being ingrates, ameen.

    Wonderful post sister. May Allaah reward you.

  • Zainab

    Thank you! I needed that reminder :)

  • Hagar

    Everything about this piece was so sweet and warm. Thank you!

  • UmJawaad

    Jazak Allahu Khair Susan….what a beautiful post, Masha Allah!

    Sr. Asiya you are right, I do remember begging Allah for my two precious little ones and thanks to your post Susan, I will try to remember to be extremely grateful to Allah for them and all the effort that comes along with the wonderful job of “being a mom”!

  • Aishah

    MashaAllah, I love how you write. What a beautiful way to look at things. JAK for sharing :)

  • Maryam

    Loved the post, thanks for sharing

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