The Day I Wrote a Check

(This post was written a couple of years ago and is dedicated to all mothers who’ve ever tried to write a check...)

So, it’s really busy business being a mommy. Whenever someone asks me what I do, I answer, “I’m ‘just’ a mother.’ And then I explain that being a mommy is busy business, but I rack my brains to remember why it’s a busy business… Can’t I do more with my time? (Answer is yes, but when I can’t….)

So, this is why I can’t do much more with my time….

Today I came to write a check for a bill that arrived in the mail. I sit down and start writing the check. Baby is hungry. I get up and put an egg to boil, come back and entertain her a bit to get her to forget her hunger. I run off and find another working pen, and start writing check again. Older daughter finally agrees to use bathroom. I get up to help her.

The egg is ready by the time we’re finished in the bathroom. I cool it down under cold water, and put it for Baby to eat. A couple of minutes later, Baby decides it’s nasty and lobs it over the side of her high chair. Big Baby (older daughter) decides she wants an egg too, and I hear the sound of an egg cracking in the kitchen. I run to save the egg and my kitchen and pour some milk for Baby. I retrieve the egg, let her drink milk, and give her some egg to try again. I sit down and finish writing the check, but the envelope isn’t the right size, so I get up to get another envelope.

I run to the kitchen to make an omelet that I’m convinced won’t be eaten by Big Baby, run back and clean up the once again lobbed over side of high chair egg (stupid me), and address the new envelope. I take down Baby, wash her, place her on the floor (upset of course, because she’s sleepy). And I finish the envelope!!! I run, make the omelet and run back to stamp the envelope. Alhamdulillah, it’s done and waiting to be mailed tomorrow.

By the way, much to my delight and surprise, the 11 pm omelet gets eaten by a hungry 2 1/2 year old Big Baby. :) yay! And thirty minutes after I put my mind to getting this item off my to-do list, it’s finally done. Mission accomplished!

Fatima Abdallah

Fatima lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and two daughters.  She is currently a full-time mother and part-time youth worker with MAS Youth.

  • Fariha

    great description of the step by step madness of motherhood! :)

  • mountaineermama

    i cannot tell you haw many times i’ve had this happen to me. This is the type of piece that every “new mom to be” should read. No one ever truly realizes the busy mother. JAK.

  • ummossama

    “busy business” ha!!! loved it!!

  • Maha

    Sometimes I imagine just watching myself go through these motions, trying to stay cool, and laugh at how crazy and unbelievable it can get. :)

  • Marwa

    This is so true. DH comes home from work,

    “Anything eventful happen today?”

    “Uh….dd sucked on my finger for an hour and a half. Then she pooped and it leaked onto me. Again.”


  • kariman

    i really enjoyed this fatima. it reminded me of an email i got some time ago describing what mother’s actually do–i think i’ll post on the forum some time. but other times when ppl ask what i do all day, i really have to stop and think!

  • ummossama

    OK made me lol!!!!

  • Hagar

    I enjoyed this, too. In the moment, these actions all seem so normal.

  • susan

    Writing a check can be a big undertaking with little ones around. Good thing you didn’t have 2!