The Quirky Title

Our project’s title, GrowMamaGrow, is a little out of the ordinary for the typical Muslim community landscape. Something formal and feminine like “Enlightened Mothering” or “Sisters in Faith” would have been more characteristic.

But we intended this site to have a totally different feel from the traditional settings Muslim women are used to. We hope GrowMamaGrow becomes a safe zone where women are passionate about self-growth but refreshingly honest about the frustrations they encounter on a daily basis. Muslim moms in North America brave formidable challenges often in isolation with little support—and the community expectation is that the mothering role is instinctual and effortless. We are expected to work wonders for our families, but often have no help or resources. Some women may feel very alone at times.

GrowMamaGrow is a place where the experience of the American Muslim mother can be validated and empowered. Our wonder-working, on whatever scale Allah blesses us with, will be made easier through frank discussion and encouragement – and even venting! Those of us who have no clue what we’re doing will find comfort in the company of sisters and grow in ways we never thought of before.

Perhaps one day, out of the archives of our discussions and shared inspiration, a beautiful, resilient culture of Muslim motherhood will emerge—one that our daughters would be proud to belong to.

Until then, we are stuck with our laundry baskets, scattered legos, and puked-on carpets. Come in, visit our forum, make mistakes, share pointers, and be honest and open. Send your suggestions. Our only discussion rule is kindness and respect towards all. Every woman is the other’s cheerleader here: grow, mama, grow!

About Mahaez
  • Hamdi

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Masha’Allah, what a great article and to have a great sister like

    you in Islam.

  • Saira Lari

    I’m so excited about this idea! thank you for taking the initiative and providing this resource. i hope to learn vicariously for now insha Allah. :)

  • Fatima

    I agree, I love the way this article is written.

  • Hanan

    I don’t know how long this website has been in existance, but I just clicked on it today. My daughter ran across it and sent me the link. I feel that this website came out of my imagination and onto the screen. May God reward your efforts and make a way for everyone who needs it to find it. Such a necessary and timely place for us. I will visit frequently and send it to everyone I know. Fi aman illah….

  • Maha


    So glad you found the site. It’s only been up for about a week but alhamdulillah a lot of wonderful sisters have already found it and insha’allah it will continue to grow and improve with all of your help.

  • A Muslim Activist

    Masha Allah, an excellent idea! May Allah reward you all!

    Another idea: how about having a father guest blog like once a month to get a cool and different perspective =)

  • growmama

    I like that idea.