Did you ever get frustrated, angry and started shouting at your kids? I used to do so, sometimes, followed by a feeling of tremendous guilt. I knew what I was doing was wrong but I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know how to direct this energy. I tried many techniques to calm down, sometimes it worked and sometimes not.

Then I heard a lecture by Sheikh Sudais [Imam of the Holy Mosque in Mecca], where he told mothers to watch what they say to their kids when they get angry. He mentioned a story about a little boy whose mom used to say to him when she became angry with him, “May ALLAH make you an Imam!” and she kept saying this duaa until the anger and frustration faded away!!

He continued the story and said “Here I am, mom, the Imam of the Holy Mosque!!”

This lecture affected me too much, and I remembered the following hadith, “Narrated Abu Hurayrah: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: Three supplications are answered, there being no doubt about them; that of a father, that of a traveler and that of one who has been wronged. (Book #8, Hadith #1531)”.

Now I know how to get rid of this negative energy: making duaa…a lot of duaa.

“Leena sweetie, please it’s the last line, may Allah guide you to the straight path and give me the patience to deal with you and your brother and sisters habibti. Ameen…ameen

Eman Sayad

Eman Sayed lives in Cairo, Egypt, with her four children and is interested in religious studies, parenting, and health.

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  • Um Osama

    JAK Eman, very good advice.

  • maha

    JAK. This is one of the most beautiful words of advice I have heard regarding anger. Insha’allah I will apply it… it will also make me sit down and decide exactly WHAT I would love my child to become, if my dua would influence that in any way!

  • ummossama

    Wonderful advice!!! JAK

  • Jessi

    SubhanAllah your advice couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Actually I was coming to this site to post on the boards about this exact topic b/c I feel myself losing my temper very quickly lately and feel very guilty about it. I know it is a harmful thing and would like to change. I’m praying about it. Your words have helped me a lot. may Allah reward you

  • Amane

    I especially love the ending of this, haha. Sweet. A much better way to channel frustration ! Thank you !

  • kariman

    masha’a Allah…such a fresh way to look at this!

  • UmJawaad

    JAK Sr. Eman….really good advice, may Allah help us to follow it, aameen.