Only A Sister

Who would bring meals through sunshine or rain,

Who would bring meals through comfort or pain,

When you’re down with something called morning sickness,

You vomit so much you’re almost insane?

Only a sister.

You’re so heavy you can’t even walk,

You can’t bend down to put on your sock,

Doctor said you can’t leave the house,

Just sit quiet as a little mouse,

You know how hard that is, Doc?

Who would cook for you in a state like this?

Only a sister.

Your new house is a total disaster,

There’s dust everywhere, dirt, and a little plaster,

You wanna clean but you gotta sit down,

You wanna walk but you can’t go any faster.

Who’s going to come clean?

Only a sister.

Now you’re so huge all your clothes are too small,

Remember, you’re not allowed to go to the mall,

You really want to wear something nice,

But you look like you’ve swallowed a ball.

Who’s gonna lend you something to wear?

Only a sister.

Now what was inside is finally out,

You’re so grouchy you just want to shout,

You don’t answer phones, you don’t want visits,

Leave me alone, you think, and get out!

Who would keep on calling and visiting anyway?

Only a sister.

You’re too tired to cook, too sleepy to clean,

You don’t feel like being kind, only mean,

Who would bring food, clean your house, make you smile,

And give you a hug ‘cause that’s part of the deen?

Only a sister.

You’re at a party and baby does number two,

Since you’re feeding the other you don’t know what to do,

Who would take your baby and change her diaper,

And do it with a smile, too?

Only a sister.

You need to go somewhere quick,

Something’s happened and now you’re sick,

Who would leave her own kids with someone else,

Just to come baby sit your little chicks?

Only a sister.

Who’d agree to hours on end,

Taking care of babies who make you go ‘round the bend,

Never complaining, fussing, or giving a frown,

Reminding you she has a hand to lend?

Only a sister.

Your life has become plain and bland,

Wish you could go to another land,

Who’d perk you up with flowers and cake,

And recipes they wrote out by hand?

Only a sister.

You wanna leave the house before you go nuts,

Not accepting any ifs, ands, or buts,

Who would welcome you into her home,

Whose door she opens but never shuts?

Only a sister.

Who would come with many others to have a feast,

Not caring that you look like a beast,

She sets the table, does the dishes, and straightens up,

Doesn’t mind doing all that in the least?

Only a sister.

You’re praying jamaáh and your baby starts crying,

You pick her up, now the other is whining,

You can’t hold two and pray, you feel like dying,

You decide to leave her there lying.

Who leans over, picks her up, and continues praying?

Only a sister.

Who would take your babies and let them play,

So you can attend taraweeh and pray,

Staying up late at night, not sleeping,

Even though she’s been working all day?

Only a sister.

Your food’s finished and you haven’t cooked,

You try to find time but you see you’re booked,

Who would call and bring over kushari,

Tastes so good, now you’re hooked?

Only a sister.

It’s been three months since your life changed forever,

You’re now in the mood for a cool adventure,

You want to go but you don’t know the way,

You feel ready for it any day.

Who brings her kids and drives for an hour,

Cares for the babies when moods turn sour,

Waits so long without a chair,

Just so you can cut your hair?

Only a sister.

Asiya Akyurt

Asiya Akyurt lives in Virginia with her husband and two daughters. She is an active MAS member with an ijaza (certificate) in Qur’anic recitation and tajweed, and enjoys teaching, interpreting and translating.

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