Ramadan Maintenance

As the years go by, I continue to make the intention to maintain my “Ramadan passion” when our dear friend passes. And here we are again on the verge of watching our beloved Ramadan leave us. This past year I tried something different and would like to share those experiences with you. When my passion was starting to wane, I held on to its light by enrolling in an online class with Seekers Guidance. Each week the lesson focused on one aspect to apply in my daily life. The aspect I welcomed like a new companion in my heart. At the end of the twelve weeks, I felt revived yet saddened. Again something that gave me such contentment was leaving. So I renewed it by signing up for another class called Gardens of Righteous, which takes you through the first 24 chapters of Riyad As Saliheen. This carried me full through Rajab with a consistent lightness of heart Ramadan ready, Alhamdulillah!

This year again Insha’Allah, I will not fall off course and go back to “non-Ramadan” behavior. By keeping the company of a good companion (like the online course), increasing my Islamic knowledge and consistent reading of Quran with depth and understanding; consistent application of knowledge, I have maintained my Ramadan promise and brought it forward to this year. I learned that it is not Ramadan who leaves us but we who leave Ramadan.   Let us keep Ramadan alive in our hearts year round. Ameen.


Cordelia Gaffar

Cordelia is a loving mother of three princesses and two princes working towards inculcating love, peace and taqwa.  She blogs at Living Harmony Motherhood



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