The Real

Being that I am constantly buying books I also always look for deals.  One site I follow keeps up on sales at the Amazon store and posts a large list of free books each day.  Obviously among these books there is a lot of chaff and sometimes hard to tell what is any good or not.  Though Kindle Review also posts review information and gives some suggestions are to what are good picks.  So far from these suggested picks I’ve found some fairly good books.  Plus it is hard to argue with free.

Case in point this week they suggested a novel called The Real by James Cole.  This book was a finalist in the Indie Book awards and the large majority of reviews placed it at 4 out of 5 stars, a rating I would concur with.

This is a thriller with supernatural and science fiction aspects to it.  The story centers around a graduate student who starts to investigate a local legend of the Hippie Queen and the resulting deaths in the forest.  The story keeps a nice pace throughout providing a lot of suspense and paths for guesswork as to who is really involved and how it was all going to turn out.  This story totally dragged me in and instead of putting the book away for the night I sacrificed some sleep time to finish it.  I enjoyed the moral aspects of the story as the student struggles with  temptation, falls and the ultimately overcomes it.  This is certainly an author I am going to keep my eye on and it looks like this book could also be expanded upon in a sequel.

The book is no longer free.  Often Amazon deals are short lived and it is best to grab them while they are.

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