Class Alert: Science Fiction, Part 1 – From Modern Beginnings through the Golden Age

I have been a fan of Amy H. Sturgis ever since hearing her talk about science fiction history at StarShipSofa podcast. I’m gonna say that, based on that experience alone, you’ll get a wonderful class if you are interested in the subject. But let’s let Ms. Sturgis tell you all about it.

I’m thrilled to say that this fall, online and worldwide, I’ll be offering the first of my two-part history of science fiction course, Science Fiction, Part 1: From Modern Beginnings through the Golden Age, for the innovative Mythgard Institute. It’s a graduate-level course, but students don’t have to be seeking a degree from Signum University in order to “sit in” (or audit) just for the love of the subject. Anyone may sign up. Registration is now open!

You can see a full list of the lecture topics, assigned readings, and more here.

The class will consist of 24 90-minute online lectures with live Q&A. These lectures will also available to registered students for immediate download as audio and video files. I’ll also accept emailed questions in between lectures. There will be a class discussion forum available 24/7.

The second half of the two-part course will be offered soon and will build upon this one. It will begin with the New Wave.

Here are the vital bits…

Who? Dr. Amy H Sturgis
Where? The Mythgard Institute
What? The History of Science Fiction, Part 1

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