“Now that I found Happy Catholic Bookshelf yesterday, I am spending time there to reduce stress.”

It was at our Catholic women’s book club.

I just finished saying that I wasn’t reading the news much because it made me so stressed.

A pal casually tossed in the statement above.

I looked at her and said, “Oh, thank you!”

She looked at me in obvious surprise.

I said, “That’s my blog, you know. The one at Patheos, right?”

She started laughing and said, “Yes, that’s it. I just discovered it but I had no idea that was your blog.”

Oh, fame and fortune, how you elude me yet!

Seriously though, it made me happy to think of my friend finding solace and interest in these pages, completely independent of having heard of it from me. You can hardly find a more honest endorsement than that and so I’m passing it along (and, yes, bragging just a little too).

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