Best used room in the house

From Dicken’s Bleak House:

“Sit down, my dear,” said Mr Jarndyce. “This, you must know, is the growlery. When I am out of humour, I come and growl here.”

“You must be here very seldom, sir,” said I.

“O, you don’t know me!” he returned. “When I am deceived or disappointed in — the wind, and it’s Easterly, I take refuge here. The Growlery is the best used room in the house. You are not aware of half my humours yet. My dear, how you are trembling!”

Hmm, the growlery might be the best alternative name for the internet yet.

About Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller is a former atheist who after spending forty years in the wilderness finds himself with both astonishment and joy a member of the Catholic Church. A retired Navy Chief who now makes his living as an application developer.

  • Will Duquette

    Oh, my, I’d forgotten the Growlery. I gotta get me one of those.

  • Julie Davis

    Love it! I wasn’t sure how to feel about Mr. Jarndyce but those sorts of comments along with his “wind is in the East” warning soon endeared him to me.