Free Audiobooks: “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” and “A Tale of Two Cities”

Every week SYNC gives away a contemporary book paired thematically somehow with a classic novel. This is directed at YA readers to get them to listen to a book if they won’t pick one up to actually read.

What is SYNC?

  • SYNC is the audiobook publishers’ and AudioFile Magazine’s commitment to introducing the listening experience to the young adult audience.
  • SYNC will give away 2 FREE audiobook downloads each week for 10 weeks this summer.
  • The weekly SYNC audiobook pairings will offer a popular Young Adult title and a related Classic.
  • SYNC hooks readers by introducing a free download of a Young Adult “first in series” or prolific author.
  • SYNC demonstrates that Required Reading can be completed by listening.

YA or not, they’ve featured some interesting books. I’ve been tempted. However, until this week none of the books have tempted me enough to make me fight my way through the jungle of the specialized download software needed to get the files … Overdrive Media Console.

However, I love Simon Preeble who lured me through “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell” when I simply couldn’t get into the printed page. He narrates “A Tale of Two Cities” which is a book I adore.

Also, I have had “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” on my To Read list since trying a sample on my Kindle.

So both those made it worth picking up the machete and venturing into the jungle. It wasn’t easy. It certainly wasn’t “organic” and I had to feel my way, but I finally got that darned software to download mp3 files. Those files did pop right into iTunes when I clicked them, so it was all worth it in the end.

These stories will be available for a week so drop by SYNC and check it out!

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