Pope Francis: The Pope From the End of the Earth

Pope Francis: The Pope From the End of the Earth by Thomas J. Craughwell is the latest entry in the biographies of Pope Francis pushed out. This one is put out by Saint Benedict Press.

Having read some of Mr. Craughwell’s other books I was not surprised to find it nicely researched and well written. This book offers a fine balance of standard biographical information while also being peppered with personal stories from those who knew him. The three biographies on Pope Francis I have read all have a similar three chapter start with Pope Benedict XVI;s resignation, the conclave, and the papal election (not necessarily in that order). The focus then turns to the early years and up through his years as Cardinal of Buenos Aires.

What really sets this book apart from the others I have read is the inclusion of color photographs. This really adds to the book and there are plenty of wonderful pictures. Even better are the pictures of him as a boy with his family and then samplings of other points in his life. The photographs mixed in with the events covered really added to the content. The pictures in the book will certainly have me coming back to it. Although this is much more than a coffee table book as the content itself is a solid introduction and a bit more regarding the life of Pope Francis.

The Hardcover version of this book is available for pre-order. The ebook versions are already available and look good if you have a color e-reading device such as an iPad.

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