The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning


I’ve been following Simcha Fisher on and off for a few years. Without fail, she always gets me laughing, whether she’s writing newsy stuff or cracking me up on her personal blog. In the midst of my laughing, though, Fisher also gets me thinking, usually in a way that’s long and hard and ongoing. She inspires [Read More...]

Six Sacred Rules for Families: A Spirituality for the Home


You know what I find myself struggling to read? Self-help books. Especially of the parenting kind. I suspect it has more to do with my pride than it does with me having any clue about what I’m doing. And I haven’t read many of them (aside from Dr. Ray, who I follow like he’s a [Read More...]

Books I’m Reading Soon (I Hope)


Books come in every week, it seems, and there are more books than time to read them. This, my friends, is BLISS for a bookworm. But for a slightly OCD-list-crosser-offer it is a bit frustrating. For one thing, I debate to myself: do I tell you what’s new to my review shelf or do I [Read More...]