Six Sacred Rules for Families: A Spirituality for the Home


You know what I find myself struggling to read? Self-help books. Especially of the parenting kind. I suspect it has more to do with my pride than it does with me having any clue about what I’m doing. And I haven’t read many of them (aside from Dr. Ray, who I follow like he’s a [Read More...]

Books I’m Reading Soon (I Hope)


Books come in every week, it seems, and there are more books than time to read them. This, my friends, is BLISS for a bookworm. But for a slightly OCD-list-crosser-offer it is a bit frustrating. For one thing, I debate to myself: do I tell you what’s new to my review shelf or do I [Read More...]

Just Married: The Catholic Guide for Surviving and Thriving in the First Five Years of Marriage


When the new Popcak book came my way, I was hesitant. I suppose I thought I’d seen enough in real life that I didn’t need a stinkin’ marriage help book. I don’t need to hear about flower power and snappy sappy stuff. No thanks. Marriage is work. Don’t try to give me roses and tell me [Read More...]