"World's smallest elephant" photo making the rounds on Facebook not the whole story

This photo of an elephant fetus has been making the Facebook rounds at the "world's smallest elephant."

I saw this photo on Facebook today of a tiny little elephant baby being held in someone’s hands, the caption of which said, “Worlds smallest elephant but he is fighting for his life so pray for him buy liking & sharing this staus . Express your love to him. . .”

That’s one small elephant. But is it real?

Turns out that the photo is real, but it’s not the world’s smallest elephant. According to the website ThatsNonsense.com, the photo is of a dead elephant fetus. The elephant mother died, and as a result, so did the baby elephant. You can see the original photos in this Picassa album, including the photo of the mother elephant.

At birth, an elephant weighs around 200 pounds.

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  • JeanMarie

    Thanks for sharing. I saw this today on facebook and was going to re-post but figured I better get the details first.

  • http://www.wilmingtoninsurancequotes.com phil

    thought it had to be the case… too small to be true… amazing what people will forward

  • Cherie

    this is why i Google these stories first. Thanks!

    • Ally

      I know right!

  • Jay

    I figured if it were real / alive they would be more careful with it; I.e. Have gloves on, so I figured something was not right.

  • Jackie

    I thought this was a fake pic. at first because the first thing that popped into my mind was…”isn’t that too small to be a real elephant?”, so I HAD to Google it lol

    I’m glad to know the real story behind it but it’s a sad ending. I’m a huge animal lover so I’d rather it have been a total fake haha

  • Sherry

    This is so sad. What is wrong with people?

  • mahar

    What’s wrong with the picture? Why get upset? Is taking a photo of an elephant fetus anti-life or against animal rights? comon guys.. its sad that she didn’t survive :/ but its not like anybody did something wrong

    • http://notesfromthefunnyfarm.com Joanne Brokaw

      The picture itself isn’t a problem. But when it’s being passed around the internet at “poor baby elephant, send donations to help him survive” it can become a problem. That’s the only reason I wanted to clarify it the story. It’s easy to prey on the emotions of people when animals are involved.

  • BabybooJay

    Awwww i doesnt look dead but yet it doesnt look real

  • Teresa Stokes

    You can see from the Picassa album linked to above that this all happened four years ago. A few moments’ research led me to the Facebook page of the lady who took the photos. She says that while staying in Mbalingwe, South Africa, she saw an elephant cow being cut up as she had died of natural causes. As the final section was loaded onto the flatbed truck, the game ranger saw a sac hanging down, which when opened contained a perfect little foetus.

    • Antonio Soares

      Bom saber disso.

  • savia dias

    i hoped this newz shld hav ben fake cnt see tht1 suferig:(

  • http://url.org/bookmarks/Moses96 Bobbie Pokorski

    I really enjoy this weblog! The info is priceless. Thank you for every one of the articles and making my personal week. Regards, Bobbie Pokorski

  • Angie Roberts

    This is the exact reason why I google things before clicking ‘share’ on facebook..

  • Marie

    Marie-christine Miltat… Very sad, a bit voyeuristic.. why don’t we start showing also are dead fetus on the net… Am sure many peoples would look at it with intense glee… sorry, you want the fam, is dead.. point.

  • abby

    omg! i think this baby elephant is so adorable! he is in my prayers.

    • jfklaj

      Really? Can’t you read? It’s a fetus. It’s already dead.

  • http://george-argiriou.gr/forum/member.php?47874-Kneeperept Junior

    Outstanding facts! I have been previously seeking something similar to this for some time now. Many thanks!

  • Prey?

    We need a tiny violin! No, I’m not clicking on your “like” button, just because you posted a picture of a dead thing.

    At least all the idiots that fall for this junk are on facebook, where I can avoid them.

  • http://vadess40.deviantart.com Drena

    Hence why you always Google photos like these. Every single one of them is a scam, Facebook isn’t paying anybody anything if you like and/or share them. I hope Facebook reigns these kinds of things in.

  • http://Hollyjingle6@gmail.com Hollyjingle60@gmail.com

    Please pray for this baby elephant and try to keep it alive please because everyone needs to have a chance in life. This little baby needs all the love and care that it needs right now. Please save this baby please? Love and prayers

    • jfklaj

      You’re an idiot. READ BEFORE COMMENTING.

    • Anetta

      yes because medical care has NOTHING to do with it

  • Simba C

    The page made a mistake, which every creature in the had done,think about others before placing your judgement.

    • Anetta

      Umm hey learn some grammar. And really? How do you think that’s true? No faith in humanity.

  • Kayla

    This made me upset because elephants are my favorite animals in the world and to see this little baby its just heart breaking that he wont get to play besides up in elephant heaven

  • http://facebook Judith

    The mother died. They found that she had been pregnant when disposing of her body. I don’t find it horrible at all to see this beautiful little fetus. We will never again see a pregnant female elephant without thinking of this wonderful sight. Yes, very sad that they both died but they did and I think it a blessing to see an elephant fetus.

  • Kelly

    Each paragraph says something different the first says the baby is fighting for his life and the other says hes dead so people gotta stop talking about people reading the article first. Its misleading… If the baby is still fighting just hope they do whatever they can to keep him alive and if not be happy neither the mom or baby are in pain

  • Alison Lamont