Miami Marlins’ new pitcher Mark Buehrle takes a stand on pit bull ban

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Mark Buehrle and his wife in a 2010 PSA for

This week comes news that Miami Marlins’ pitcher Mark Buehrle was willing to pass up a deal with the South Florida baseball team because Miami-Dade county has a ban on pit bull ownership.

In December, Buehrle signed a $58 million, four-year contract with the club. But he reportedly wasn’t willing to make the move unless he and his wife Jamie could find a house in a community that would accept their adopted pit bull and three Vizlas.

The Buehrles are avid supporters of animal causes; in 2010 the couple did a series of PSAs for, appearing on billboards and commercials in support of animal adoption. Buehrle also founded the Sox for Strays program, which featured adoptable animals at White Sox games once a month. That’s in addition to his other causes, visiting military hospitals, and children’s hospitals to spend time with kids with cancer.

Animal lovers reacted with loud voices and lots of support over the recent story about retired police officer Jim Sak and his service dog Snickers. A pit bull ban in his town of Aurelia, Iowa forced him to give up his dog, and then led to a lawsuit that temporarily reuinted man and dog. It was likely the first time most people had ever heard that there are places in the country where specific breeds of dogs are banned.

With Buehrle’s move to Florida and his own experiences with breed discrimination laws, let’s hope that he’ll continue his animal rescue efforts in his new home. The cause needs a celebrity name to bring the issue to the mainstream, not just in the animal rescue community.


  • MzTx

    God Bless You Mark Buehrle, I might have to start watching Baseball just to watch You. To pass up $58 Million for your loved one is awesome, I wish more Athletes where like You.

    If you were to take the deal, I wouldn’t even be mad at you- because then u can use that $58mill to help fight against BSL.
    It is time to drop the Dangerous Dog Act and pick up The Control of Dogs Act, which will protect Citizens from All Dogs, even on Private Property. Please read here to learn more:

    • Joanne Brokaw

      Just to clarify: he didn’t pass up the deal but made sure before he signed that he could find a community where there was no ban. Let’s hope that his speaking out even this much will bring more attention to BSL!

  • Loves her Pitties

    MzTx – all I can say is……….you said it perfectly!!

  • JM

    So so impressed with Mark.
    I know other high profile people have taken a stand against Breed Bans but a high profile
    athlete is especially sweet because of the damage done by that other athlete in a different
    Sport.If you’re a professional athlete and you’re opposed to Breed Bans and even if you don’t
    own a pit bull please don’t live in or spend your money in Cities with Breed Bans.
    Thank You Mark!

  • Balto Pit Gal

    Come to Baltimore!!!! We have no Pit Bull ban- lots of Pit Friendly’s and the Orioles desperately need a good pitcher!!!! Your dog can come to my house for a play date with my Pit!!!!!!

  • Lenore Scott

    I am a HUGE FAN of both Mark Buehrle and his wife! What a beautiful couple inside and out!