Leviticus 22: God’s Holy Name

The Lord said to Moses, “Tell Aaron and his sons to treat with respect the sacred offerings the Israelites consecrate to me, so they will not profane my holy name. I am the Lord.” -Leviticus 22:1-2

God is holy. So is his name. Everything associated with the Lord is holy, or set apart. A major reason behind the lists of rules in Leviticus was to teach the Israelites the holiness of God. Christians are no longer bound by this law, yet we can learn a lot by what Leviticus emphasizes.

Our Lord became one of us in the person of Jesus coming to earth. Yet he is far more than a friend. He is wholly other, set apart and perfect in every way. We don’t just hang out with him; we worship him. Proper worship includes deep reverence and an understanding that we can only approach God because he allows us to do so. We are his servant. He is the King.

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Dillon Burroughs is the author and coauthor of numerous books and is handwriting a copy of all 31,173 verses of the Bible at HolyWritProject.com. Find out more about Dillon at Facebook.com/readdB or readdB.com.


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