Numbers 18: Spiritual Leadership Is a Gift

“I am giving you the service of the priesthood as a gift.” -Numbers 18:7

Spiritual leadership is a gift. We can not earn it or buy it. Education, lineage, and economics do not influence whether God uses us. Spiritual leadership is based solely upon God’s choosing of those who would lead.

Consider Moses: When he was called to rescue his people from Egypt, what was his situation? He was a shepherd in a foreign land. He made every excuse he could to avoid God’s calling. Yet in the end, he obeyed and God used him despite his human failings.

The same was true of his brother Aaron. God did not select he and his family as priests because they were better than others; God chose them because he chose to do so.

Is this still true? Does God still choose leaders based on his will rather than our ways? Of course he does. We don’t deserve to lead anyone. We can’t even successfully lead ourselves apart from God’s Spirit working within us. Yet he selects some who will change the lives of many. We can learn from them, but we cannot copy them. Why? They have simply been chosen for a unique role, just as each of us is called to a unique role today.

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