…and then I do.

“I really like this song now,” proclaims Ezra this morning.

“You do?” I ask incredulously about the awful, impossible-to-sing, archaic hymn.

“Yeah, me too! It’s pretty good,” agrees Zach.

Jeff and I look at each other with surprise and shrug our shoulders.  Our boys are nothing if not surprising.

“At first I don’t like songs, and then I do,” explains Ezra.

I guess that’s how we are.  Sometimes, after you get used to the awkward melody, you find out that you really like the song.

Like my friend Ellen who told me that at the end of her first week of homeschooling she was sobbing and telling her husband that they needed to register their boys in the local school.  Twelve years later, when she finished homeschooling three very active boys, she couldn’t imagine having done it any other way.

Of course, sometimes you just keep right on hating an awful tune and wonder why you didn’t just switch songs sooner.

Like the time I waited until sophomore year to change my major from chemistry even after spilling acid on myself, losing a little uranium in the lab (oops!), and running water through a tube meant for gas (picture a rubber tube getting larger and larger as fellow students holler dire warnings across the lab).

Today though, after holding school at Target and Starbucks so that I couldn’t be nasty to the boys just because they were being nasty to me, I’m feeling optimistic about the chances for this particular tune.

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  • Amira Abuzeid Aycock

    Tara–I just read through your blog and am laughing…(in between lobbing threats between clenched teeth at my children, who are not cleaning their room like I told them to). I don't know what made you decide to homeschool, but from one homeschooling mom (who doesn't really enjoy it but thinks it's the right thing) to another, relax…..Just read them books and buy them green tights so they can pretend to be Peter Pan and make play-dough out of flour for a while. They'll be fine. Better than fine. 🙂 BTW, we have five boys now. Gabriel Augustine born three weeks ago…..Noah's 8, and i have to punish him from reading sometimes b/c he neglects almost everything else. Then there's Ben, 7, who might have to start being punished b/c he'll do anything but read…….ha ha. We miss you guys! I enjoyed reading about your trip to China. Jamie and I are considering being really irresponsible with money and taking the fam to Europe one of these days…..

    • tedelschick

      wow – five boys. mazel tov!

      i won't even ask how you are doing this with a newborn. i know how. you have always been great at just being where you are.

      • Amira Abuzeid Aycock

        Haha–if it makes you feel better, these are my current in-residence helpers: my mother, my 13 year-old sister, a PhD student, and a nun. 🙂 I had another c-section so I'm mostly lying around all day. Check back in with me next week, when 3 of the above 4 helpers will be gone, and it'll mostly just be me, my scarred body, and five boys…..I heard some great advice recently, and it was "Just homeschool according to your personality." Considering my personality, we do a lot of laying around-type homeschooling. And behold! they're learning! 🙂