A week of reading the work of Ellen Galinsky and Charlotte Mason.  A week of writing about them and how they connect to what we are trying to pull off at home.  And a week of putting up material for the Curriculum section of this blog. I feel like I just turned in my dissertation.

I put up three different resources under the Curriculum page:

  1. The China Unit – A description of activities and resources we’re using to study China this fall.
  2. The Objectives – A list of learning objectives, categorized by “subject.”
  3. The Schedule – A pdf showing which of the three adults in our home is doing which of many activities scheduled Monday through Friday.

Anyone who has actually done this homeschool thing will see these lists for the shams that they are.  They are lofty goals and our actual school rarely looks anything like them. But they are fun to look at when I feel like quitting.

“Look,” I can say.  “This sounds fun.  I should really try this.  And while I’m at it, I should get some kids who could stick to this wonderful schedule.”

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