It was suggested by a friend that I take a day off from the blog.  Actually, she suggested that I stay off the computer all together on Saturdays.

Well, okay, it was suggested by God first.  Sort of.  I mean who knows if He would have made an exception for Hulu if you could have gotten better reception in the desert back then.

But I was heading for computer addiction before the blog.  And now I’m on it all the time. If I’m not writing, I’m checking in to see how many people love me, I mean checked the blog in the last hour.

So in addition to the relatively poor Sabbath-keeping we already do on Saturdays, I’m adding “No computer time.” Until 2011.  No promises after that.

  • Jeff Barneson


    But didn't the Sabbath actually begin when the sun set at 5:41 pm?

    If not, then I'm reading email at least until midnight.

    • Deb

      Actually, the Sabbath begins at sundown Friday, and ends 1 hour after sundown Saturday. Good luck staying off the computer (and phone and TV) for THAT whole time!!