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Just got home from my second homeschool study group of the week.  Tonight was for people using Charlotte Mason’s principles.  Monday was for people who wanted to learn how to teach writing.  (And by people, of course, I mean mothers.  Jeff is homeschooling the boys for 9 hours a week, but you won’t catch him at one of the study groups.)

I just love study groups.  They have two things I really love: study, and groups.  Unlike when I was in school, they come with none of the things I hate about study groups, like tests and papers.

Everywhere I go, even when I’m not in school, I form or find study groups. From investment clubs to Bible study, I love to read and study and talk about it with people.

Hey – do you think that’s why I made the boys homeschool this year?  I hadn’t thought about it until right now, but it makes sense.  It may also explain why I’m so mad at them all of the time.  They are nothing like the ladies I met with tonight.  They do not think a fun way to spend Thursday night is discussing how to cultivate good habits in your children.  They do not like to drink coffee and laugh about the language of a Victorian educator.  And they do not enjoy color-coding their notes to lead discussion groups.  It turns out that I’d rather do homeschool with their friends’ parents than their friends.

Come to think of it, my friend Andy suggested that I start a night-school homeschool for adults who didn’t learn anything the first time through. People like me who love study groups without the final.

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  • Deb

    If you start on-line night-school home school, sign me up!