Milk and Honey

Your lips drip nectar, my bride; honey and milk are under your tongue;
the fragrance of your garments is like the fragrance of Lebanon.
(from Song of Solomon)

Those crazy, biblical lovers really knew how to pour it on, didn’t they?  And what exactly does it mean to have honey and milk under your tongue? Deep, theological explanations abound, but I like to think that she simply tasted and smelled good.  In any case, it sounds aromatic and yummy.

I suppose that if there was ever a good day for over-the-top declarations of affection, today would be it.  But ours was a tamer, kid-friendly version of the holiday, with a different focus on honey.

The big news from today was all about bees.  Jeff and the boys spent several hours with a beekeeper (check out his amazing video here).  They came home with $400 dollars worth of equipment, an order for two beekeeping uniforms for the boys, and another order for 10,000 bees, which will arrive April 4th. Oh my gosh; all three boys were whipped into a beekeeping frenzy.

Before we know it, our backyard will be flowing with milk and honey, or at least honey.  At which point, we’ll make some milkshakes sweetened with honey and nectar.  And who knows, we might try to wear some Lebanon-scented garments while we’re at it.  Sounds aromatic and yummy, right?

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  • Dad

    I think you just wasted $400.

    • Janis Henning

      Oh come on Uncle Dave – it might be fun! And if they aren't careful the boys might get a lesson or two in "bee defense strategies on young boys" or "allergic reactions and how they swell", or "run fast, run very fast." At least it's bees they are investing in and not leeches – those things are gross and yucky!

    • tedelschick

      You're a total buzz kill.

      Ha! I crack myself up.

  • Andrea Cohn

    "Burps and Farts Honey!"