Comb Sweet Comb

To use Ezra’s definition, today was a marked day.

We brought home 10,000 bees today.  Got their hive set up.  Put in enough sugar water and pollen cake to keep them going until they can take care of themselves.  Zach pointed out that the pollen cake was a great source of protein. Ezra pointed out that it was “kinda weird.  Cuz it’s really sperm cake.”

Zach got stung.  Came inside for a hug, and went right back out.

After they settled in to their new digs for a few hours, we moved the bees inside because it’s too cold for a starter hive to survive right now.  After a few days, they will be up and running, and generating enough heat to stay warm.  Next winter, they’ll do just fine without coming in at all.  But for now, I have 10,000 bees in the 1st floor bathroom.

But enough boring words.  Enjoy the pictures and video!

Check out all those bees.

Inserting combs.

Look at that amazing pollen cake.

Ready for action!

All hail the queen. Or as Zach said, “She’s got a really big butt.

From Ezra: Daddy, I made an observation. Their abdomens get big when they breathe.

Bees from Jeff Barneson on Vimeo.


  • Nancy McArdle

    "Are you a little bit afraid about this?" I know I am! Hope all will bee well.

  • Ginger

    Yay for bees! Your kids are so cute in their suits!