A Definition:

n contraption [kənˈtrӕpʃən]  a strange machine or apparatus We weren’t sure if that old contraption was gonna work.

A Video:

A Question:

Who or what was the contraption in this 18-second slice of delight?  Discuss.

A Thought:

Kluging together a day of homeschool, or a device to get the ball in the bucket, is more satisfying than one might expect.

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  • Janis Henning

    Tara – you look just as excited about this whole project as your boys!! Love it :)

    • tedelschick

      Yeah, every once in awhile I remember how I ended up in engineering school.

  • Atta

    OMGOSH. LOVE THIS. So incredibly cool and dorky and fantabulous.

  • jennifer

    Is that a basketball hoop that it’s all attached to?

    • tedelschick

      No. There was a large metal grate suspended from the ceiling, from which we could hang all kinds of cool stuff.

  • Laura Brown

    Rube Goldberg!