Radio Interview

Listen in to an interview with me on KCPW on April 18, 2012 about stewardship and ecospirituality.

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  • Bob Weatherford

    Wow, George. The environment is lucky to have as articulate and level-headed a defender as you.

    I LOVED how you fielded the overpopulation question, and I totally agree. Instead of letting overpopulation create what tends to be a racist sentiment towards people of a certain ethnic background or people residing in particular countries, I think it seems much more reasonable to look closely at consumption patterns and to redefine what a "modest lifestyle" is. I really loved that segment.

    Thank you, also, for working to break down stereotypes. Long live environmental Mormons and businessmen! :)

  • english

    great interview, George! thanks for posting this link for us out-of-towners.