A short Organ improvisation by Aurelio Porfiri, recorded in Rome on May 2016. Read more

A group of Catholic theologians were concerned about the effect Amoris laetitia(AL) has been having on the public understanding of the teaching of the Church… Read more

So Christian art is originally figurative… Read more

I mean, how logical that is, the center of it all have to be Christ. Read more

In the movie Braveheart it has been said: “Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it.” Read more

Is it natural that I should feel affected in the same way from tragedies that happen far from me? Read more

I cannot stand the approximation of the liturgies… Read more

I was always intrigued by the attitude of some people towards the Virgin Mary… Read more

I have mixed feelings about Pope Francis… Read more

The real liturgical song culminates in silence… Read more

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