To Jessa Duggar’s Boyfriend: Thank You!

The headline popped up on my Facebook feed: “Jessa Duggar’s Christian boyfriend deletes anti-Catholic Facebook rant

For those who don’t know, the Duggar family is a reality TV family well-known for having many children and being religious Evangelical Christians, the two being connected through their belonging to the “Quiverfull Movement” which says married couples should have as many children as God will grant them. For obvious reasons, even though I’ve never watched the show, I’ve had a soft spot for the Duggars and their defiant rebellion against bien-pensant elite morality.

What to make, then, of Ben Seewald’s “anti-Catholic Facebook rant”?

From what I can tell from the Daily Mail‘s writeup (yes, that’s not much, but it’s what I have to go on), the “anti-Catholic” rant was not based on fantasy anti-Catholic prejudices, but rather on the interpretations of Scripture common to Evangelical Protestantism, in particular its rejection of Marian devotion.

Given recent and not-so recent events, American Catholics are understandably twitchy about Protestant anti-Catholic memes. But ultimately the public pressure that forced this man to delete his Facebook Post is to be deplored. As Ross Douthat pointed out in a very valuable column after an eerily similar fracas, one of the memes of late post-modern society is that a person’s particular religious views, being inherently a private and an irrational matter, and all religious views being in their essence basically the same, should not be subjected to public scrutiny.

As Douthat wrote, “[i]n practice, the admirable principle that nobody should be persecuted for their beliefs often blurs into the more illiberal idea that nobody should ever publicly criticize another religion. Or champion one’s own faith as an alternative. Or say anything whatsoever about religion, outside the privacy of church, synagogue or home.”

Even though he did it in the uncouth way one might expect from 19-year-old reality TV stars, as someone who views the privatization of religious belief and relativization of religious doctrine as essentially abhorrent, I can’t help but admire Mr. Seewald.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but yes: Evangelicals and Catholics have different views about Mary! We have different interpretations of Scripture! And while I believe (spoiler alert) that Mr Seewald’s interpretation is incorrect, I certainly agree with him that these questions matter, and I certainly agree that they are entirely appropriate topics of discussion for public fora. (Otherwise, needless to say, I wouldn’t have this blog.) That a point of view is liable to cause offense–and it is concerning that this should even have to be said–in and of itself tells us nothing about whether it should be spoken.

There is a difference between irrational prejudice and rational views; religious doctrine is indeed subject to critique, particularly Christians’ different interpretations of Scripture; and vigorous debate about these is in no way contradictory with Christian brotherly love. All Christians believe that Love finds its fullness in Truth, and Truth finds its fullness in Love.

So kudos to Mr Seewald for treating religious doctrine as something important and worth debating, and shame on the unthinking spasms of public outcry that mobbed him into censoring himself. Christians who treat doctrine as a serious thing are a blessing.


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  • I would give him kudos if he was actually questioning Catholics for an explanation into their Marian views instead of just posting ignorant screeds. Genuine seeking leads to honest answers. If anything, I would instead give the kudos to anyone who kindly responded to him with what we actually believe. I hope someone did and that he has plenty to ponder from this experience.

    • Adding… that I agree forcing him to take it down was not a good idea. If anything it may make him resent us even more or view us as an overly sensitive lot that can’t handle the “scrutiny” of a 19 year old. Which is total bosh, of course.

      • He was deleting ONLY the Catholic comments, when Catholics protested this unfair treatment it was all taken down.

  • Thanks to you, I liked his facebook page, and sent a private message thanking him for his courage- if nothing else.

  • Single minded

    This is slightly off topic, but I am an evangelical Christian, raised in Quiverfull/ATI and headed to grad school this fall. I am curious about your reasons for Marian devotion and the Catholic view of interpreting Scripture. To be completely honest, I’m curious about Catholicism in general– I’ve been born and bred Calvinist, but I’ve recently come to conclusion that it is a self-consistent and logical system, but not one which accurately depicts who God is. But I don’t know where to start.
    You’re probably very busy, but if you have a moment to point me in the right direction (any recommended reading?), I’d really appreciate it.

    • Matthew Wheeler

      Single Minded – This is a great book that was very insightful fir me during a scripture study course in my Diocese. It is a fabulous introduction in Q&A format to the Catholic perspective on revelation and scripture. The book does a great job of pointing you to source documents like the Catechism, Scripture and other magisterial documents. Peace to you.

    • ME

      God bless you on your quest for the truth. It is wonderful that you are exploring the teachings of the Catholic church for your own understanding and quest to follow where the truth leads you. Another great resource is and Catholic Answers Live radio show. You can get that on a number of catholic radio stations, which can easily be downloaded as apps and played on your phone.

    • claycosse

      hey brother–check out Catholic Bridge:

      As a Catholic, I love, but I’m worried that the apologetic atmosphere might turn you off. Catholic Bridge is a guy who is a former Protestant. He just wants non-Catholics to truly see how great Catholicism is. He wants to be a resource and he has answers to all your questions in all of his great FAQs.

      On Mary, I’d start by saying that scripture–SACRED SCRIPTURE!!!–says that she is (or rather “had been made,” past perfect) full of grace. I don’t think Scripture pays any other human being quite as big a compliment. Elizabeth said “how is it that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” then John lept in Elizabeth’s womb at the sound of Mary’s voice, and mary said “my soul magnifies the Lord”! She then bore the Lord, raised him up in what was right (the Presentment, practicing Passover, etc.), provided for his material needs (with Joesph), implored him to perform his first miracle, was with him at the end, gave him to all of us as our Mother (“here is your Mother”). We think that what Christ did is of precedential value (I’m a lawyer). In other words, he did it once and in specific circumstances, but we can apply those circumstances in our lives–e.g. Christ continues to listen to her intercession and we’re to listen to His words to John and treat her as our Mother.

      We also believe that Revelation is clear in talking about her “clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.”

      As far as intercessory prayers, again, we think the wedding at Cana is plenty strong enough evidence that it’s okay to pray to her for intercession. And think of it this way–you have no problem praying to your living brothers and sisters, i.e. asking them to pray for you. Well God is “the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob . . . not the God of the dead but of the living.” Hebrews says we’re surrounded by “a cloud of witnesses.” There’s no reason you can’t pray to the dead (saints) just like the living.

      Devotion to Mary was also universally accepted even after Luther and Calvin. Both Luther and Calvin revered Mary–google it, brother.

      I love to discuss this stuff. You can e-mail me at I am not a serial killer, though I guess that’s what a serial killer would say.

      • Single minded

        Thanks so much you guys. has been pretty helpful; even more so. Claycosse, I might take you up on that offer after I get my thoughts together… since I can’t prove either inductively or by deduction that you are or are not a serial killer, I guess I’ll take it as an article of faith and believe you.

    • Greetings “Single Minded”, if you would like to email me with any of your questions I would be more than happy to answer them or direct you to a Catholic resource. I am an RCIA and CCD teacher in my parish. If you click on my name, then go to my blog my contact information is in the side bar.
      God bless.

      Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

    • Dan13

      I’ll recommend Joseph Ratzinger’s Introduction to Christianity. It is a treatise on Christianity viewed through a Catholic lens that is organized around the Apostles’ Creed. His books about the Gospel (the Jesus of Nazareth series) are very good as a snapshot of Catholic interpretation of the Gospel. James Martin’s Jesus: A Pilgrimage is an approachable Catholic view of the gospels that is set alongside the author’s trip to the Holy Land.

      Also, from the tone of your post, maybe exploring some of the mystics might serve as a bit of a different approach than your logical Calvinistic upbringing? Others can probably give better summaries about the mystics but everyone is aware of John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux, etc. Finally, perhaps Cardinal Kasper’s Mercy (it’s a mildly controversial work, but the pope likes it) might contrast with Calvinism

      • Single minded

        Thank you guys for the responses… I just started Intro to Christianity and am going to a Catholic church tomorrow to speak with the priest. Blessings to y’all.

    • Jim Dailey

      I would recommend that you speak to an RC priest. You sound pretty scholarly, so the first priest you talk to may not be able to efficiently guide your research, but he will certainly steer you to another guy who will help you focus your efforts.
      I just think free-wheeling discussion is the way to start these things. Websites and books are full of good information, but I usually get sidetracked.
      Good luck!

  • His stupidity wasn’t really the main issue, the problem (if you followed the Facebook chaos that broke out) was he was deleting ALL Catholic comments and keeping up protestant comments. Several Catholics TRIED (nicely I might add) to explain to him he was misunderstanding what Catholics believed, but he wouldn’t allow that to remain on his Facebook page. So he continued to delete the Catholic comments that were explaining/teaching what Catholics really believed. The Catholics took issue with it, and he deleted the whole thing.
    If he wants to poke a stick at the Catholic faith, then he SHOULD allow Catholics to defend and explain their faith.
    He’s too immature and uneducated (and I don’t say that in a rude way- I LIKE the show and the family) at this point in his life to start something on social media that he knows nothing about.
    Let him stick with his pro-life messages and he’s love for Jessa. He needs to stay OUT of religious discussions he knows nothing about. JMO

  • misterprecedent

    He was told to take it down because the negative publicity was a threat to the Duggar cash cow. He still hasn’t figured out that members of the Duggar family are not allowed to say what they really think, especially if it endangers Jim Bob’s wallet.

  • . invernessity

    I believe that is it is highly irresponsible to give Ben a thank you or kudos. Please research the situation before doing so again. This was actually Ben’s THIRD post about Catholics. In his first post, he stated that Catholics and others who practice Voodoo are persecuting Christians in Honduras and making it very difficult for them to gather and worship. When he was asked for proof, and told that Catholics are Christians who are not associated in anyway with Voodoo, Ben continued to post against Catholics. He ended up posting a photo of young children before our Lady of Fatima, and calling their beliefs in deadly error. He listed three Catholic teachings, above, with which he disagrees to defend his position against Catholics, but WHAT HE STATED IS CATHOLIC TEACHING, IS NOT CATHOLIC TEACHING. Catholics are not upset that Ben disagrees with their theology and publicly states this. Rather, they are upset that Ben has erroneously published Catholic t teaching. Not one teaching He attributed to Catholics is accurate. This is why YOUR reporting is irresponsible – you are thanking him for spreading misinformation about the Catholic faith!

    • Alexander S Anderson

      I’d rather the misinformation be out there so it can be publicly corrected than everyone believing erroneous things about the Church and it never being challenged because we’re too nice to talk about religion.

      • . invernessity

        This is generally the case, but Ben chose to delete only those posts in which Catholics and others corrected what he wrote about the teachings of the Church, or challenged his position. So the erroneous statements he made remained with no challenge to them.

  • . invernessity

    Starcasm has reported Ben’s first post against Catholics, for those interested in reading it. And several blogs have screen captured all of his posts, but none have all of the comments that were posted in response. Ben deleted all three of his posts within two days of his first post, when he continued to receive clarifying information from Catholics about their faith.

  • Diane Alton-Kaighin

    Ben’s rant was not an open discussion for debate it was an attack. Period. By Ben blocking everyone with an opposing view it highlights his inability and lack of maturity to debate religious doctrine. I am not a Catholic and I was offended. Offended that there are people in our society bent on promoting hatred and intolerance. Way to go Ben?…R U Kidding me? And if anyone out there has a copy of what was removed please send it to Mr Gogrey so he can actually read it!

    • . invernessity

      I agree with you 100%, which is why I posted the reference to Starcasm’s report which includes Ben’s complete first and second posts, excluding the photo. Although I do not support these blogs, Wtf Fundies Families on Tumbler and The Duggars: Life is Not all Pickles and Hairspray on Facebook have captured screen shots of all three of Ben’s posts. These do not include the comments, though. Although Ben deleted these posts, they remain available.

  • DC Rambler

    This Quiverfull, which is part of Vision Forum, is one creepy group. It’s leader, Doug Phillips, was forced out by elders after he fell for an underage girl. He was a major player in the home schooling movement getting politicians to pass laws to leave these groups alone. Men are the deciders over women in this church, women cannot have jobs or get an advanced education. Oh ya..No matters can be taken to the police or to court, they must be handled within the group. What could possibly go wrong ?? If you think this one known case of abuse is the only one that happened then….

    • Francinepink

      The Duggars are not part of the Quiverful movement, they have explicitly said this in 2 of their books.

      • DC Rambler

        Oh !! If they said it then it must be true ! They have tried to distance themselves from this mess but their is a long record of them endorsing the leaders and the programs..This very site did a story on them.

  • ksharp7

    He has not been seeking out answers. Or even factual information about catholicism. He came, he died, he rose, he will come again. Because of Him the gates of heaven are open and we can enter. He just went with the bunch to Central America to specifically convert the catholics there to whatever the Duggar home church is. Because catholics, in his mind are not Christian. When you are a believer and included in the body of Christ like Our Lady you are asked by other believers to pray for things. Sick family member, strength in adversity, help in overcoming sin. Just because a person is no longer of this world does not make them outside the body of Christ. It’s no different than asking your neighbor to pray for rain during a drought. You know the Duggars don’t eat pork. It’s from OT scripture even though NT scripture doesn’t ban the food anymore. I wouldn’t call that a deadly error equal to damnation for not following scripture according to the Roman Catholic Church. The truth is Protestants can individually interpret the bible and be right even if they are 19, have almost no knowledge of ancient languages the scriptures have been translated from, and anyone who interprets other than their individual self is damned. It doesn’t make sense. In catholicism a statue is a statue. It’s not idolatry. Who has taught this young man these erroneous things about catholicism? Not only do catholics strive to be in a state of grace, we also do works. Faith without works is dead. We need to be free of serious sin at the time of death. To sin is to turn away from God. We repent and seek forgiveness when we turn our back on God. If all you had to do is say a five word sentence to be confident about heaven than even he wouldn’t be reading scripture avoiding pork and doing mission work. He is confusing what God wants of us as believers. Spending so much time and energy converting people who already have Christ is insulting. Even Christ was not worried about those casting out demons and healing in the name of Christ who were not of the apostles when they complained to Him. Let it go Ben and the Duggar family. The only reason they support Santorum is Romney, also a Christian, was LDS and in their mind less a Christian than Catholics. Ben, just read your bible absent of the missing books that got chucked and try to be a good Christian. No one is trying to make you catholic.

  • margiesindelar

    Well his entire page is full of anti-catholic bigotry comments….so I wonder if he is going to do anything about that?

  • gigi4747

    I’m a faithful Catholic and I love the Duggars. Their views on Catholicism are simply the result of ignorance and insularity, I think, and ignorance can be remedied with information. I was excited to see Josh and his family move to dc. (Josh I believe has also made misinformed statements about Catholicism.) I think meeting new people, some of whom will surely be faithful Catholics, will help them to realize how misinformed they are.

    • Celeste Lawler

      You’re pleased that Josh works for a hate group? Great Catholic you must be. He got the job because The Family Research Council wanted a younger, recognizable face. And he was known because of the t.v. show & JimBob’s affiliation with some of it’s members from his time in the Arkansas House of Representatives. If you really knew the truth about the Duggar family I don’t know that you’d be saying you love them. You’re absolutely correct that ignorance can be remedied with information. You might want to research some information on the Duggars,their religion (cult), The Family Research Council, the people with whom they associate & are affiliated.

      • gigi4747

        The family research council is not a “hate” group. That’s southern poverty law center propaganda, which most likely contributed to the shooting at the frc. And I have a hard time taking seriously the opinion of someone who can’t express himself or herself like an adult (“great Catholic you must be”) and believes that “ALL organized religion” is dangerous.

  • Jordan Washington

    He seems like a very nice guy, but he doesn’t seem very bright.

    • Celeste Lawler

      None of them are very “bright” when it comes down to it. The Duggar children know only what JimBob & Michelle want them to know. The home school cirriculum the Duggars used was Christian-based & lacking in certain areas. For one, it taught them only creationism. All any of the Duggar children have are GED’s which they earned by age 16. While I’m no fan of Ben, at least he’s getting a college education.

      • Jordan Washington

        I honestly feel sorry for them, Anything other than what their parents tell them, is probably considered wrong. Which is sad. These days in this country, it seems like people who aren’t that bright can get college educations lol.

      • kag1982

        It really is a sad situation. When the reality TV money begins to dry up, I’m not exactly sure what the kids are going to do to support themselves.

        • they have jobs – the oldest son works in Washington DC. 3 of the oldest daughters are midwives/doulas, the other son flies planes/firefighter/, they own rental properties for income and do mission work around the world.
          The father was debt free owning several businesses, rental buildings and rental homes LONG before they had a show. It was their way of life to be self reliant and not work for anyone else a decade before they had a tv show.
          Don’t feel sorry for them, they do very well.

          • kag1982

            Yes, I feel sorry for them because they don’t even have proper high school degrees or vocational/ college training. Frankly, there are many “Quiverfull” type families who have “only” ten children with no education who are indoctrinated into the lifestyle and don’t have the skills to flee it. There are websites dedicated to ex-Quiverfulls. There is even one hear on Patheos.

            Without Michelle Duggar’s ability to give birth to nearly twenty kids (and her frankly creepy obsession with having children bordering on idol worship), the Duggar family and kids would be like every other Quiverfull family. Frankly, once the TV show and book royalties dry up, the kids are going to be in a world of hurt.

          • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… you’re one of THOSE people who disapprove of homeschooling.

          • kag1982

            There are homeschooling students out that receive proper high school degrees and matriculate to post-secondary vocational/ university settings. The Duggars aren’t part of that group.

          • Says who?

            Here are the resources the Duggar children are educated by:

            Some of these are used by Catholic families too.

          • kag1982

            They certainly aren’t doing anything with their lives. And I am not sure why Catholics want to act like fundamentalist Protestants.

          • What do you mean “they aren’t doing anything with their lives”? They’ve gone on dozens of mission trips to help the less fortunate in the world- is that nothing to you?
            They work, they take care of each other, they get married, they have children, they do mission work, they volunteer for different charities.
            The only problem I have with them is they aren’t Catholic- yet. 🙂
            What else would you like them to do?? How have you judged them lacking?

          • kag1982

            They are reality TV stars which means they are about as useful to society as the Kardashians and Honey Boo-Boo. And their mission trips aren’t about helping poor people but about converting them to their form of Christian fundamentalism.

          • I can see you don’t watch the show, if you did, you would know that the mission trips on the show are to Christian missions- the people are already Christians. They are bringing them supplies- books, clothes etc.

          • kag1982

            No. I also don’t watch Honey Boo-Boo. And you can really just ship the books, etc. in country if that is all they are doing. Of course, that wouldn’t make for good television.

          • Celeste Lawler

            The television show shows only what JimBob wants people to see. He’s involved in the production of the show. They don’t show them sending the children to the prayer closet. And when Michelle has spoken of it, she calls it something like a “Mediation Room.” They want the viewing public to think when the boys have gone off to any of the ATI Training programs it’s the boys choice. It’s not. Those training programs are for the purpose of reprogramming the children to behave the way they want them to. The children have been sent there as punishment.

          • Celeste Lawler

            Their “mission trips” are primarily to try to convert the poor downtrodden people to their religion. I’m not sure what your “deal” is about people being Catholic. I was raised Catholic. It’s an organized religion. Just like most of the others. And ALL organized religions are dangerous. The Duggar children are lacking in many ways. The Christian home school program they have used is lacking. It leaves out what they don’t want the children to know. They teach only creationism. Michelle thinks people rode around on dinosaurs for crying out loud.

          • niknac

            Yes. they are very much like Duck Dynasty and the Kardashians.

          • I’d never place the Duck Dynasty or Duggar families in the same category as the Kardashians. The Duck Dynasty family has a business selling duck calls, the Duggar family has assorted businesses in rental properties, books, dvds, midwifery, mission work.
            The Kardashians sell their bodies (and the bodies of their children) for the sin of vanity and greed.

          • Res Ipsa

            I’d agree with you here. The Duck Dynasty group may not be Catholic, but they do appear to be sincere Christians of the southern Christian variety, and willing to take the heat. And they have a business that’s successful.

            That other group is an embarrassment to Armenian immigrants everywhere. What good they could do if one of them walked into an Eastern Rite church and just even asked to explore her religious heritage.

            If you want a group that stands to be set up for failure latter in life, when the looks fade, well. . . it’s probably not the Dugger girls but those other ones.

          • Celeste Lawler

            The Kardashian’s late father, Robert Kardashian, was a very successful & high profile attorney. I don’t know how old you are, so you may be too young to remember, Robert Kardashian, was one of the Dream Team attornies who represented O.J. Simpson. The daughters do own high end clothing stores in a number of cities across the country. And, “failure” is very subjective. At least the Kardashian daughters know what the real world is like. They’ve been allowed to be their own person. They are capable of supporting themselves & not relying on a husband like the Duggar daughters have been programmed to do. I would much rather have daughters like the Kardashian women. The Duggar daughters, although adult by the legal definition are all very childlike in their behavior. The Duggar daughters might as well have lived a century ago. Where women were still property & had no rights

          • Res Ipsa

            Hmm. . . . Hard to see how they resemble a group of people who are sort of an insult to their Armenian heritage and are famous solely for being famous.

          • Celeste Lawler

            They are all like train wrecks. You don’t want to watch. But you just can’t NOT look.

          • ksharp7

            The girls study via correspondence. The one daughter had to go with the brother who was a volunteer fine fighter in order to be an accountability partner. Any work or study must be done with a buddy. One does midwifery and the other doula because they need the other to be allowed to train to do that. I hope one or both complete their training. The mission work they do is try to make one Christian convert to their version of Christianity. I’m don’t think God is thrilled. The boys are sent off to a Christian training program to do military and rescue type stuff, why is the US military not safe enough for their adult children. Universities aren’t, the military isn’t, the fire department isn’t.

          • Francinepink

            That is not true that they have to have a partner to do everything. Jinger has gone alone to Florida for prison ministry work, Jana goes alone for her ministry Journey of the Heart. Jill is training to be a midwife and Jana had interest as a Doula but has found the other ministry more rewarding for her. The boys have gone alone to do military type training. They do have to have a chaperone when they are courting though.

          • ksharp7

            But not the military. Yes they will send their sons and daughters to Gothard. Journey of the Heart, it’s a retreat with Gothard. Which is more supervisory than even a sibling tagging along. Alert is non accredited vocational technical institute/bible study. Which is more supervisory than a sibling tagging along. No idea where a person can get a paying job because they went through it during high school or college age? Why isn’t the US military a place to go through boot camp and military style training? I have never heard of a duggar traveling for missionary work without also going with at least one other duggar. And they go with the same Christian group. Anna’s family is deep in prison ministry work in Florida. Traveling to stay with Anna’s family is the same thing. I would like to see them go to a community college or state school or bible school and enroll in a traditional major or certification program without a sibling being in attendance. Particularly the girls. At least one brother managed to learn to fly. A no no for the girls. It’s not related to making and having babies.

          • Celeste Lawler

            The only reason Jana had any interest in becoming a doula was because she had to be with Jill (as her accountability partner) while Jill trained to be an assistant to an midwife in a birthing center. Jana has said she didn’t know if she would continue her work as a doula in the future. Meaning, now that she doesn’t have to tag along with Jill, she’s probably not going to continue. The “military” training that the boys have gone alone to is really another ATI Training program. It’s basically where the “children” are sent tor reprogramming when they behave in a manner the parents feel is unacceptable. For God sake the 4 adult daughters couldn’t go on their book tour with just each other. The entire Duggar entourage had to tag along. And that included the married brother, his broodmare wife & their three children who were sick. If you’d done any research on the Duggar family, such as reading any of the books Michelle has written or her blog, you would know that in fact ALL the children, even the legal aged adults, DO have to have an accountability partner at all times. One can not even go to the local store alone. They must have someone with them.

          • Celeste Lawler

            The “Christian training programs” are another arm of Bill Gothard’s ATI empire. The children are actually sent to these training camps when the parents think they aren’t behaving as they wish them to. They’re sent there to be reprogrammed. Another one of Bill Gothard’s rules is that members of his cult are not to enlist in the military or to attend college. Basically they are to only associate on a regular basis with others who are part of his cult. Associating with those in the outside world may influence them in what they consider to be negative ways &/or beliefs.

      • Res Ipsa

        There would, we should note, be a distinction between “bright” and “ignorant” here.

        The Dugger children, from my limited exposure, do not appear to be dim, they appear to have narrow experience and education.

        This puts them into an increasing class, fwiw, of self isolated Protestant fundamentalist. It’s interesting in that Catholics have always supported Catholic education, but they’ve supported education. The idea was that you could (can) go to a Catholic school, and its supposed to be a good school. Indeed, Protestants have often availed themselves of Catholic schools. There are Protestant schools of a similar model (my town has a Catholic K through 7 school, and a Lutheran K through 6 school).

        But in recent years we’ve seen the “home schooling” movement really take off. From the limited number I’ve met, I’d note that there’s a percentage of this group that home schools not for what they can teach, but for what they can omit.

        There’s actually an opportunity here, as we watch the Protestant denominations split, collapse, and even die. A study of theology, now easier than ever, always leads back to the Church Fathers, and that always leads to the Catholic Church (or for some the Orthodox). Now doing that is easier than ever, and we do see that occurring. Indeed one solo scriptura protestant church in my state converted, en masse, to the Antiochean Orthodox Church. While I would have preferred to see them make the journey all the way home to Rome, at least they got in the door.

  • MrsBreckenridge56

    You say Kudos to him,
    but you have missed the point entirely. He didn’t want a debate, he didn’t want
    a sharing of ideas, or to seek understanding. He took his incredibly limited,
    and completely off base interpretation of Catholicism and condemned an entire
    religious following. He didn’t, and hasn’t taken the time to understand
    Catholicism, he isn’t a scholar of religion, and it was painfully apparently
    his rant was not only not researched, it was based off common misconceptions regarding
    the Catholic religion. He took that, and felt it was his place to ridicule what
    Catholics believe and damn them for their “evil wrong doings”. This
    is not only the LEAST Christian thing one can do, it goes against everything we are taught are
    principles and character qualities God wants in all of us. Mathew 7:1 “Do not
    judge, or you too will be judged”. Doesn’t this seem a bit hypocritical for a “Christian”
    to stand on his soap box, judging a religion he knows nothing about? The
    problem with Christians is we do not accept one others calling to the same God,
    to accept the Lord as our guiding principal in life. We are too busy brow
    beating each other with Scripture, and righteousness. We are not following the
    examples Jesus taught us, we are instead throwing his word by the way side and
    condemning those who do not worship as we worship. God has a plan for all of us
    and we need to let live those who do not live as we do. You and Mr. Seewald are just alike. Blinded
    by your own prejudice and self righteousness you cannot see the true word of
    God or the bigger picture of life.

  • April Gray

    They do ministry to “convert” people… So what_ every religion does. So they have no “real” education… So what. So far as i can tell, all of her adult children are productive, hard working, responsible young people. Everything we as parents (irrespective of our religion) want for our own kids. None are on drugs, welfare baby mamas, or criminals. I am not a evangelical Baptist but if these kids are poster kids for the religion.. Where do i sign up? As far as the education issue goes, does the mark of a good person depend on how many degrees they have? Does my masters degree make me better than the boy who owns a tow truck buisness? Just cause they dont live like “normal” people doesn’t make them bad. Anybody out there prefer they be raised to sit around, argue with parents, experiment drugs and become teenage moms? What are these parents thinking not allowing their kids to be normal…. Shame on them! If society were to colapse today, this family would be some of the only ones capable of surviving.. And while people judge them, they would rise above it all, and be the ones helping others, teaching others, devoting their time, energy, and love to others.

    • Res Ipsa

      My daughter loves the show, and I have no real problem with it on the rare occasions that I’ll catch a bit of it (which is rare, as I don’t find it particularly interesting). I do note that the extremely conservatively dressed young women on the show are all very well spoken, and appear to be reasonably intelligent. To the extent that they are young, attractive, females who aren’t on display physically, I really applaud them. Some female role models now would have to put clothes on in order to to have them to subtract from.

      Be that as it may, I have two comments that might sort of be criticisms, only one that’s related to this thread and post.

      1. On an unrelated note, I find it just bizarre that childbirth has become so rare amongst non immigrant Americans that they find it so bizarre as to be worth a television show. Kate Plus Eight, Nineteen Kids and Counting, and the Guilliana and Bill (probably wrong spelling, but featuring two dullest human beings on earth) are all devoted to the premise of “Look. . . . little people. . . how freaky!” Sad situation that something so routine and natural is now in the nature of freakish.

      2. On a related note, it does bug me that evangelical protestants, like Mormons, often tend to go on “missions” to Christian countries. I guess that makes sense for Mormons, who are not a Christian religion, but basically when Protestants do that, whether they realize it or not, they’re just treading on ground that’s been plowed by Catholic missionaries. Yes, sometimes these places are dangerous, but quite often they’re just trying to get underserved Catholics to go over to a Protestant faith that is attractive for external reasons, whether they realize it or not.

  • Smittykim

    LISTEN EVERYONE who are any one of us allowed to judge. You are saying Mr. Seewald shouldn’t share his beliefs but aren’t you ALL doing the VERY thing you are condemning him for. So I guess we will all have to answer to the big man above because we’ve all sinned.