Follow through

Success does not come to those who merely have great ideas. Success comes to those who have great ideas and who follow through on them. Your carefully crafted plans bring value only when you put them into action. The best of intentions are useful only when you follow through on them. During the course of [Read More…]

Effortless effort

Do you realize how difficult it is for you to walk on two legs? Walking requires some very sophisticated balance and muscle skills. Watch a toddler who is just learning to walk and you’ll develop an appreciation for how much effort it requires. And yet, unless you have a physical condition that impedes your walking, [Read More…]

Success skills

You have survived every challenge you’ve ever been faced with—otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Sure, you’ve made some mistakes. And yet, you’ve done a lot of things right. You’ve made a lot of good, positive decisions and carried them out effectively. From every single experience, you’ve learned. Even from the disappointments, even from the setbacks, [Read More…]

Enjoy moving forward

Whatever you enjoy, you improve. So keep yourself feeling great. Enjoy where you are, and suddenly where you are has more value. Enjoy the moment you’re living, and suddenly the moment offers new and positive possibilities. Enjoy what you’re doing. By so doing, you transform your effort into a pathway to success and achievement. Sure, [Read More…]

Good things

Good things happen every day, and they never make news because they are so universally common. Every day, people all over the world earn an honest living and feed their families. Every day, teachers teach and students learn valuable skills that can last a lifetime. Every day, people are cured of serious illnesses. Every day, [Read More…]

Perspective of purpose

Stopping to put things in perspective can make a big difference. When you work at getting to the core of what your life is all about, you begin to understand that most of those external things you see as necessities are not really necessities at all. Each one of them is merely one way, one [Read More…]

Experience joy

Drink in and value the joyful times in your life. Live them fully. A moment of true, unencumbered joy is worth more than pure gold. You’ll think more clearly, be more motivated, feel better and be healthier, when you regularly lose yourself in joy. Relish the experience of being fully alive and letting yourself completely [Read More…]

Right or Happy?

I was touched yesterday when reading the daily affirmation from Dr. Wayne Dyer. OVERCOME EGO’S HOLD Let go of your ego’s need to be right. When you’re in the middle of an argument, ask yourself: Do I want to be right or be happy? When you choose the joyous, loving, spiritual mode, your connection to [Read More…]


A few weeks ago, when the ash cloud from the Iceland volcano shut down airspace throughout Europe, hotels around the world suddenly found themselves in a seller’s market. Thousands of travelers were stranded away from home and desperately needed a place to stay. Many hotel managers responded to their sudden and unexpectedly captive customers by [Read More…]

Beyond belief

Pretty much all of what we experience, we experience within the context of belief. We each see the world the way we do because of what we believe it to be. Belief is powerful. It can motivate us to do truly magnificent things. It can guide us through all kinds of challenges. It can focus [Read More…]