Trying too hard

Don’t ruin the quality of your effort by trying too hard. When you act out of desperation, your actions lose much of their effectiveness. When fear of a particular failure is constantly at the front of your awareness, you give energy and vision to that concept of failure, thus helping to bring it about. Instead [Read More...]

Expect great things

If you expect your troubles to continue, they probably will. However, when you expect that something good will eventually come from every situation, that is precisely what will happen. When you develop an attitude of “everything happens for a reason” then you can realistically expect good things to come even from difficult and painful circumstances. [Read More...]

In motion

Five ways to keep yourself in motion: (1) Constantly remind yourself of why you’re doing it. There is a purpose behind what you are working toward. Visualize the fulfillment of that purpose in rich detail. Plus, imagine how the fulfillment will feel. Imagine it so intensely that you feel it in advance. Then imagine how [Read More...]

Flexible and steadfast

Have you ever been on the top floor of a skyscraper when a strong wind is blowing? It can be disconcerting because when the wind blows, the building will sway. It’s perfectly normal, though, and really no cause for alarm. Tall buildings are designed to do that. A completely rigid structure would be knocked over [Read More...]

What do you want?

If your life was in danger, you’d fight to save it. What would motivate you to do that? What is it about your life that you truly value? What possibilities are there in your life that are worth fighting for? What things in your life are truly important to you? Spend some time thinking about [Read More...]


You deserve great prosperity and you have what is necessary to experience it in whatever unique way you choose. You have a purpose. You have desires that grow from that purpose. You have a vision of how life can be. You have the ability to direct your thoughts. And you are able, through your actions, [Read More...]

Directing your passion

Imagine yourself on a wonderfully beautiful day with nothing to do. You want so badly to take advantage of the day and yet you cannot think of any good ways to enjoy it. Feeling passion without direction is frustrating. You are full of life. Your passion for life gives you the energy to accomplish whatever [Read More...]

Effort and serenity

Sitting around and worrying brings distress and apprehension. Getting up and doing something brings confidence and self-assurance. Things are rarely as bad as we imagine them to be, once we start to work on them. Honest effort will bring confidence and serenity in many ways. First, it brings the reassurance of knowing that something is [Read More...]

The power of responsibility

Other people can put you in charge of things, but no one can give you responsibility. You really don’t need for anyone to give you responsibility, though. It doesn’t require any credentials or experience. It is there for you to assume any time you wish to do so. You become responsible simply by deciding to [Read More...]

A joyful surprise

This is a truly uplifting video all the way around. Rising unexpectedly out from among the diners a shopping mall food court, a talented  and well-rehearsed choir stuns onlookers (in a very good way) with the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah. Turn up the volume, switch to full screen, and enjoy this joyful moment. What’s [Read More...]