Getting past limitations

Are your limitations really hard and fast limitations, or do they hold you back because of the way you perceive them and respond to them? Every person on this planet is constantly under the influence of a powerful limiting force called gravity. Gravity makes difficult the lifting and movement of massive objects. It makes our [Read More…]

One step at a time

Are you concerned about making a mistake? Good! The situations where you’re most likely to make mistakes are also situations in which you have the greatest opportunities to make progress. When you have something on the line, there’s much to be gained. No, of course you don’t want to set out with the express purpose [Read More…]

The most productive day

Think of what it feels like on the day before you leave to go on a long-awaited and eagerly anticipated vacation. It’s a day on which nothing can get you down. You’re happy to work more diligently than usual, because you want to make sure you arrange for everything to continue smoothly while you’re gone. [Read More…]

Step back

Your thoughts shape your life, and you have the power to exercise complete control over your thoughts. Every action you take begins with a thought. Everything you know is filtered through your own unique set of thoughts — the thoughts you choose. Do your thoughts build your life or do they hold you back? Thought [Read More…]