On the other side of every problem, there is an opportunity. On the other side of discouragement, there is joy. Think of where you were going before the disappointment knocked you off track. Yes, you’ve had a temporary setback. So what? It’s over now, and the very best thing you can do is to quickly [Read More...]

Good fortune

When something wonderful comes into your life, do you accept it and enjoy it? Or do you worry that you might lose it, and take so many steps to protect yourself from the imagined loss that you end up not enjoying it at all. Good fortune can be just as uncomfortable as disappointment, often even [Read More...]

Highest vision

What is the highest vision you have for your life and your world? It’s time to stop denying that the vision is there, and time to bring it to the front of your awareness. Your dreams are yours for a reason. The things that interest you, that fascinate you, that inspire you and motivate you [Read More...]

Bright future

Every day, all over the world, crops are growing in the fields. Useful products are being manufactured in great quantity. People are traveling to visit loved ones and to explore new places. Actors and directors are making entertaining films. Teachers are inspiring young people to learn. Engineers and technicians are building the electronic links that [Read More...]

Fill life with richness

Abundance cannot be stolen or hoarded. It must be lived. Too often we see wealth as the result of a “getting” process. We waste an enormous amount of time figuring out how we can “get” this or “get” that. In reality, wealth results from a creation process that transforms life’s ever-present abundance into some specific [Read More...]

Connect to passion

Passion can infuse everything you do with added zest and energy. For this to happen, you must make a conscious connection between the everyday activities of your life and the passion that is available to power your actions. Grocery shopping can be a bothersome chore if there is no passion in it. Yet when you [Read More...]

Live the richness

A rich and beautiful life requires nothing more than what you already have. Fulfillment depends solely on your decision to accept and experience it, in the moment where you are. There are some achievements that may take a lifetime to reach. Yet at any point along the way, from the very moment you begin, you [Read More...]

Choose to feel

When you feel empowered, you are in fact empowered. When you feel creative and productive and effective, you are indeed creative, effective and productive. It may seem that your feelings are automatic reactions to the world around you, but that’s just because you’ve allowed them to become such. You can choose the way you feel [Read More...]

Turn your excuses around

It’s easy to come up with excuses for not taking action. That’s the bad news. The good news is, you can put those excuses to positive and valuable use. In fact, you can re-direct the energy of those excuses so they’re pulling you forward instead of holding you back. How do you do that? It [Read More...]

Energy of life

Are you running low on energy? Where do you find the energy to move forward? It’s all around you! From every situation, you can draw energy. From whatever happens, you can get new energy. You’ll find energy in joy as well as in frustration. There’s energy in peace, in conflict, in hope and in sadness. [Read More...]