Bumps in the road

Every single day of your life has been filled with success. Most of those successes are so seemingly ordinary and common that you don’t remember them. Yet they are vital and even miraculous successes nonetheless. Just a moment ago, you successfully took a breath of fresh air. Your heart successfully completed another cycle of pumping [Read More…]

The stairway

Challenge is a stairway that leads to higher and higher levels of experience. Challenge is the stairway that leads to where you most want to go. Challenge can frighten you. And if you let it, challenge will bring out the best in you. You don’t have to climb the whole stairway in one single giant [Read More…]

Feel it now

Whatever you seek is already yours, when you’re willing to go deeply enough into it. What does that mean? Here’s an exercise you can do to find out. Think of something you’d like to have in your life, and then ask yourself what you would do with it if you had it. When you have [Read More…]

The one and only you

The most effective way to compete is to ignore the competition. The greatest advantage comes to those who do not seek advantage. When you’re always focused on what the other guy is doing, it takes you away from the best of what you can be doing. When you’re fighting to gain an advantage, you’re ignoring [Read More…]

Feel like quitting

If you feel like quitting, that’s great. It means you’re intensely involved. Go ahead and feel like quitting. Just don’t actually do it. Instead, experience the power in that feeling. That’s your power. With it you can do amazing things. What a waste it would be to walk away from it. Imagine feeling like quitting, [Read More…]

Rise above the anger

Did someone say something that sort of offends you? So what? That’s their problem. Did someone look at you the wrong way? Who cares? Replace the petty thoughts of anger, jealousy and spite with thoughts of strength. Maybe you didn’t get some kind of recognition you thought you deserved. That could very well be true, [Read More…]

Moving through it

Stick your hand out the car window when you’re parked, and you’ll hardly even notice the difference between the inside and the outside of the vehicle. Stick your hand out the window when the car is doing 75 miles an hour on the interstate, and you won’t be able to get it out very far, [Read More…]

A starting point

No matter where you desire to go in life, you must have a starting point from which you can proceed. On any given day, everyone has a starting point. Yet too often you may not be willing to see or acknowledge your own starting point, and consequently you’ll have trouble making progress toward your goals. [Read More…]

Five reasons why you can achieve what you choose to achieve

1. You’re in control You are in control of your thoughts and your actions. That makes you effective in whatever you set out to achieve. Every thought is a result of a choice you have made. Every action you take is under your control. You are in command of a creative, productive and effective masterpiece [Read More…]

The value of challenge

Have you ever noticed that life is best at those times when it is the most challenging. A quick look back will confirm that the most fondly remembered and valuable experiences also had some kind of significant challenges associated with them. Why is that? Because it is your very nature to overcome challenges. You are [Read More…]