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Coffee Prayers

No, I haven't resorted to praying to my coffee. Though, as anyone with young children can affirm, it is tempting. I once read a little blurb in a magazine about the powerful properties of coffee. As the "lifeblood" dripped into the pot, the author said, she didn't just start to feel better about the morning. She felt better about herself, the world, and life in general.*I mean, right? For those of us who drink coffee, isn't that pretty much the size of it? It isn't just a physiological need, t … [Read more...]

Why Dr. Dobson is Not My Doctor (and now, neither is my doctor…)

I'll back up. Took my baby for a 4-month well check this week. He weighed in fine. He's in the 90th percentile for length (btw, both of my kids are going to out-grow me by the 2nd grade. If you knew their dad, you would not be surprised). Anyway, all was well.  Give us the shots and let's get out of here, right?But not before the pediatrician started talking to me about using "tough love" to get a baby to sleep in the crib, and sleep through the night, letting him cry it out, etc. Not that I'm … [Read more...]

The Sacred Imperfect

Yikes. I have not blogged in so long that i had forgotten my password. Slacker? yes. Mom of toddler and newborn much? yes.Well, newborn's not a newborn anymore. Technically, TECHNICALLY, he should be sleeping through the night now (insert riotous laughter from all of mom-dom here...) and my life should be back to "normal." Trouble is, there's a new standard of normal in my life now, and i have a feeling that will continue to evolve over the next 18 years or so. So i figure i'd better get … [Read more...]