What If Christianity Isn’t What We Think?

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I’ve been in multiple conversations with friends or peers about God, faith, The Bible, or anything religious for that matter, and when we really get talking I hear a ton of misconceptions about who they really think Jesus is and what He actually accomplished. I usually listen and then say something to the extent of “ya if that God you’re describing was the God of the Bible I wouldn’t follow Him either.”

So many times we don’t realize the thing we are saying no to is a lot of times, not even the real thing. It’s a sham, a parody, or some weird shell form of it.

Personally, I think a lot of this comes from us trying to read the ancient scriptures with western 21st century lenses on. Now mind you, it’s impossible to rid ourselves of cultural bias, but if you acknowledge it and try to steer away from it it’s going to be a lot less than if you pretend it doesn’t exist. Because the truth of the matter is unless we understand the world of Jesus, I don’t think we can understand the words of Jesus.

The scriptures, and the call to follow Jesus, is so much more vibrant, beautiful, mysterious, and downright scandalous than we ever could have imagined. What if there’s more? My new book is asking that very question in hopes that we might say yes to the call, because that’s where true joy is.

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  • Helen Hunt

    I would rather believe it and be wrong, as to not believe it and be wrong.