Killer of the Dream: Greg Abbott and the North Texas MLK Parade

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“What would you like to be when you grow up?” The question pumped fear through my veins. I tried to grabbed my thoughts…but they wouldn’t come. Finally, I stood my tallest and answered defiantly, “I want to be the President of the United States of America…just like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” My teacher didn’t correct me. I still don’t know why. I guess my classmates didn’t know enough to correct me. Ultimately, I figured it out on my own. When I realized that Dr. King transformed our world as a preacher far more than any President ever would, I started to pray harder and harder. I just wanted to do God’s will. I just wanted to be closer and closer to the one who gave me life. I was 6.


Many years later, I started to realize that politics led away from God and not toward God. The spirit of the words of Jesus echoed in my ears, “Give unto politics that which is politics.” There is a reason that Jesus never ran for office. There is a reason that Jesus didn’t become King. There was a reason… Jesus knew where God was found. Instead of inhabiting the halls of power and influence, Jesus knew that God was in the streets. Jesus knew that God was in every heart where the dream of healing and restoration stirred. In fact, Jesus was the originator of the dream. Martin just followed.


When I heard that the North Texas MLK Parade invited Texas Governor Greg Abbott to be their Honorary Grand Marshal, I figured it was a joke. No human with even the slightest inkling of intelligence would think that inviting Abbott was a good idea. However, it seems that there was a dumbass in the mix. The dumbass has no respect for the people that Martin stood with. If so, they would’ve invited a keeper of the dream not a killer of the dream.


What were they thinking?


Migrants dying on the border.


Transgender folks can’t go to the bathroom.


Black folk getting poorer.


The rich getting exponentially richer.


People getting executed in Huntsville.


Healthcare being slashed.


Schools going unfunded.


The evil bullshit just flows like water.


This is the guy they think needs to be the Honorary Grand Marshal?


Those who choose to participate in this event have sided with politics over Martin…politics over God. Good and evil is clear in this situation. The organizers have chosen evil. They have proven themselves to be just as evil as Abbott. Which leads me to forcefully declare…


This ain’t no damn parade.


This is a damn charade.



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