The Money: A Parable of Sorts (Part 5 of 8): The Violence

Ant Rozetsky/Unsplash
Ant Rozetsky/Unsplash


“Fuck this shit.” Zack was beyond angry. “Another nigger coworker?!?” Heading to the door of the factory, Zack stopped. He knew the truth. “I can’t leave.” There was nowhere else he was going to find a job with this good of pay and this good of hours. “I have a child to feed now.” Cindy never left his mind. Turning around, Zack headed back to his station and stood right next to Forest. They would work together for three years.


If you can’t do no better than that nigger, you need to go on somewhere else. You better not say shit. Forest knew better. Forest knew I would lynch his ass. Forest knew who his master was. I tried to get him to quit. He wouldn’t do it. He had a family too.


The factory is in a rough part of town. Every morning and night, I look around and around as I walk from the bus stop. I was really lucky until I wasn’t. Late one night, I was walking to the bus stop when I heard two people walk up behind me. I knew they were niggers before I even turned around. Before I knew it, one of them hit me over the head and knocked me to the ground. They took everything I had. They would have killed me…if it wasn’t for Forest. While I was begging for my life, Forest ran up and knocked both of them to the ground. As Forest got help, I yelled out, “you are my kind of nigger.”


I gave Forest a reward for his bravery. His reaction told me everything. He did it for the money.


My sister Rhonda set me up with her friend from work. On account of her big tits, everyone called her Bubbles. I loved her from the moment I saw her. We got serious quick. Cindy didn’t like her…but I figured that would change with time. Not long after we met, we got married. I worried that she might want me for my money. I worried about the money all the time.


One afternoon at work, I finally decided it was time. I told my bosses that I was quitting. It was time for me to go out on my own. Everything was in place to open my own business. We would manufacture syrup…the best syrup known to man. As I was walking out, I grabbed Forest and yelled, “This is my nigger!” When the doors opened, the money started to role.


I got drunk. I guess I celebrated more than I should have. I was driving way too fast. Then, she pulled out. There was no possible way for me to stop. I slammed right into her. I knew she was dead from the moment I saw her. I killed her. I tried to flee on foot and couldn’t. The cops got me. The prison was cold and wet. Eventually, Bubbles came and got me. The lawyers were struggling to figure out a plan. I was in deep shit.


The money can only go so far.


The money can only do so much.


The money.


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