Robert Pruett & Bullshit Figures



Justice is bullshit. There is no such thing. There is only power.


Those of us who want to stop all of this bullshit just don’t have enough of it yet. Tonight, the State of Texas executed Robert Pruett. It’s pretty tough to go up against the State. I’ve tried and lost. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop. After all the life had left Pruett’s body, various figures expressed glee about what happened, “Justice is finally served!” Power/opportunity is to be able to cheer the death of some without any fear of God our humanity.


Bodies are funny looking things…especially after they’ve been dead for some time. I opened the doors and quickly walked to the front of the church. I wanted to see my grandmother one last time. Crying, I sat down and waited for the service to start. The music started and people spoke a few words. My entire family was grieving. We loved her so much. The service was about over when someone stood up and shouted out, “Justice is served.” That’s exactly what these figures did tonight. Power/opportunity often turns people into dispassionate assholes.


Robert Pruett was no saint…but one shouldn’t have to be a saint to get justice in this country. Regardless of what you think of him, imagine what it would’ve been like to be his family tonight. You experience your child/brother/uncle/loved one being murdered by the State and then you have to listen to this bullshit? They say they’re Christians…but they are full of shit. Jesus would’ve turned over their tables faster than they could say, “Howdy” and called them assholes in the process. Maybe he still will? Maybe?


I know Jesus still has the power.


I know Jesus has the love.


I know…


“SO!!! Hurry up!”



+Nobody screamed out at my grandmother’s funeral.

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