The Assassination of an Exotic Dancer

The Assassination of an Exotic Dancer September 5, 2018

-Dallas, Texas

The Assassination of an Exotic Dancer


She was fiercly loved.


She mattered.


She matters.


On March 11, 2018, Shniquia Simington stood in front of the mirror.  She knew how beautiful she was.  There was no need to do too much.  There never was.  Tonight was her night.  When the car pulled up, she jumped in with her friends.  Before too many greetings were exchanged, they were off. They went to one of their favorite spots, King’s Cabaret.  Though it was a strip club, it didn’t feel like that to them.  Shniquia had danced there for a long time. Many of the people who worked there were practically family.  When they hopped out of the car, they walked quickly.  There were so many people that they were excited to see. Right when they walked through the door, the celebration began.  Everybody was having fun when one of the managers approached Shniquia and ordered her to leave.  Though she had a great relationship with many other people at the club, she didn’t have a great relationship with the management.  Shinqua’s employment at the establishment had ended with conflict.  Out of nowhere, security guard Dan Taylor (white) appeared.  Shniquia and Dan knew each other.  She was surprised that he was being so rough with her and her friends.  Embarrassed and angry, Shniquia pushed through the door with a fervor.  The entire way to the car, they were all popping off at Dan. Empty threats flew in every direction.  Shniquia got in the backseat of the car with a slam.  Upset, she started eating some ice to calm her nerves.  With every window raised, the car began to reverse. Out of nowhere, a shot rang out. Everybody in the car looked back. The guy that they had known as Dan had just blown their friend’s head off.  It was a direct hit.  The bullet flew through just the right spot in jus the right window.  He was standing the perfect position. As the smoke from the gun cleared, it became very apparent that this was no accident.  This was an assassination.


It should not be surprising that Dan Taylor has been treated like the victim.  The police interview was friendly.  Taylor was not arrested.  The Dallas County District Attorney has done little to no work on the case for almost seven months.  It’s actually been months since the family heard from anyone.  All the while, Taylor gets to live his life as if nothing ever happened.  Why?


Our society sees exotic dancers as trash.


It seems like authorities have similar feelings.



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The Assassination of an Exotic Dancer

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