Will Farrell Doesn’t Stand a Chance

A lot of folks are buzzing about next year’s Anchorman 2, in which Will Farrell will reprise the role of Ron Burgundy almost a decade after he first had conversations with dogs, displayed his mad skillz as a jazz flautist, and gave us that unique translation of “San Diego.” Me? I’m not so sure he’ll be up to it.

No, this prediction has nothing to do with the fact that he single-handedly managed to make my previous ride uncool. (“You must respect me! I drive a Dodge Stratus!”) Best to pursue that vendetta some other time. “We” will also ignore, for the moment, that many of his comic movies lo this last decade have not done so well. Some comic vehicles work, others don’t. It happens.

The real threat to Ron Burgundy is competition. Life has left his satire in the dust, making it that much harder to top the first Anchorman flick. What am I talking about? Meet Ken Bastida, real life, bona fide, actual California news anchor who won an Emmy, according to his suspiciously bland Wikipedia page. The way he opened his newscast one night accidentally made for one of the funniest short videos I have ever watched. Let’s see if San Diego’s finest can top this:

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