Atlas Mugged?

Meant to follow up on the John Allison thing yesterday but I didn’t for two reasons: 1) I’m under the gun on a major (7,000 words or so) piece on a certain esoteric faith that’s currently enjoying a “moment”; 2) I wanted to give Allison’s words some prominence. More will be said on this, later today and tomorrow, and you’ll hear more from my source close to the Ayn Rand Institute, Deep Galt.

But for now, let me just make a special plea to end this: please, show us the tape.

It is nigh inconceivable that the Q&A session was not recorded. Right now, we’re relying on pretty sketchy write-ups of that exchange. That strips it of context, which is all important in making an informed judgment.

I and a lot of others are fully willing to believe that Allison got caught off guard and gave some ill considered answers, but then expression becomes pretty important in making our own judgment. Let’s hear it and have done with this.

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