Bourne Legacy Versus… Ted

This weekend, the usual cast of characters drove up just over the border to watch the new Bourne movie at the drive-in in Langley, BC as part of a triple feature. The other two movies after Bourne Legacy were Ted and Savages. Savages came on way past our bedtimes, so that left Bourne and Ted.

Ted was in almost every way a better movie than Bourne. I don’t just mean the jokes were better. I mean the dialogue was better and more believable, the plot was better, the romance was better, the villains were better, the supporting cast was better, the conflicts were more engrossing, even the car chases and the fight scenes were better.

All of this is true even though Ted is a movie about a CGI teddy bear who sounds like Peter Griffin, smokes enough pot to get permafried, ruts like a wild animal and swears like a sailor. I’d link to a bit from the movie but this is a family website. If you want to get a better sense of Ted, just go to Youtube and look up “Thunder Buddies Song.”


  • Largo

    Wonderful! It’s ALF to the power of ALF!