Jeremy Lott’s Diary’s Fascist Comments Policy

Boy your diarist loves reader comments, especially the ones that are long and/or insulting. Most entertaining of all is the bit where they get deposited in the trash bin, unread by the masses.

It has been a while since I reminded folks of the fascist comments policy of Jeremy Lott’s Diary. Here are the ground rules:

1. The only time you have something approaching an absolute right to be heard here is when I criticize you by name.

2. Related to the first point, if I criticize a group then I will allow one or two or more of the aggrieved parties to be heard.

3. If you are going to insult me here, it had better be a good insult.

4. If you want to get the green light, say something smart and say it well.

5. Once one comment has been approved, you shouldn’t need any more of an OK from me. Warning: I will banish folks who forget points one through four.

If those rules are acceptable to you, great. Have at it. And if not, then go troll under somebody else’s bridge.

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